Disability hearing. One more question than I will stop.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by willruthie1965, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. I am afraid I made a mistake when the judge was asking me questions. Did anyone else feel this way? He asked me about my drivers license. I was in an accident about 8 years ago and because I couldn't pay off the other persons car,They may have taken my lisence but I don't remember for sure, but we went bankrupt and I didn't owe that money anymore. I have a paper saying i could take the test over and I never did.At that point I was getting too sick to drive.

    He asked if I lost my lisence and I said no,I just never took the test over, which is true but maybe he would feel like I lied.

    In my mind I didn't lose it because I didn't get a ticket I just coudn't pay off the other car. It was so long ago and never even thought about that issue. I want to write him and tell him I maybe made a mistake. What does everyone think? I am the worse liar.

    I don't want to lose this case because he thinks I can't be honest. Anyone with thoughts on what to do? Thank so much. Ruthie
  2. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I think you are just a ball of stress over this hearing:) And I'm sure I will be too!! But I am hoping I will take my own advise when the time comes. Please try to step back and not worry as much, sometimes as humans we tend to read to much into someones words.

    I am sure your attorney lead you in the right direction, take a deep breath and release:)

    I'm not sure you can do anything over at this point but did you ask your attorney what he/she thought of your hearing. You know they won't take on a case unless they think you have a strong possibility of winning.

    Now, go take a hot bath and relax...and promise me that you will remind me of all this when I am worried sick.

    Blessings and Hugs,
  3. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    I agree with Debra. You are worrying yourself sick. Beleive me I know how worried you are,I've been through the same thing.
    You have got to settle down,this is not good for you! I am worried about you and I am sure others are too.
    Maybe think of it this way. If the judge finds out that your statement was not true, I am sure he knew you were nervous,and will take it into consideration and not for only that reason because he knows how medical problems can clogg our minds.
    Honey, relax,take it easy. Take a warm bathe or shower and just breathe. We are here for you. You must think of your health right now.
    Big soft Hugs to you! Robin
  4. ChristineNY

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    I know how nerve-wracking this waiting is....but please try not to stress too much over it. I am sure that these judges have seen and heard everything and they are very good at telling the difference between those who are outright lying and those who are just very nervous and dealing with brain fog. I wouldnt give it another thought...its very possible that all of the things that you are worrying about and second-guessing now, are the very things that could help you win your case.

    The judge has probably already made his decision and it is just sitting on someones desk waiting to be written up. If I understand correctly, that is why it takes so long to get the decision - the writers are backlogged. The judge usuallly has a good idea at the end of your hearing whether or not you will be approved. Many of them do not like to reveal their decision, because its not until its written and mailed, that it is official.

    Please try and believe that you did the best that you could and let the rest take its course. I know it will be hard to rest until you get that decision in the mail....trust me I really know. I dont want you to make yourself more sick over this. I hate what this process does to most of us...it really is unfair!

    Take care,
  5. Janalynn

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    Ruthie honey...I know how nervous you are, but as others have said, TRY to relax a bit. You're replaying everything you said, he said, etc. in your mind and it isn't going to do any good - really. Try to realize that you were true - you were you. I haven't been through the process, but you've gotten great advice from others.
    I'm sure these judges have seen it all. I'm a worrier by nature, sounds like you are too - at least in this case. Practice some calming techniques - do some things to keep your mind off this and realize that you have done your best. I doubt anything you would have done or said differently would make much difference.

    Try to distract yourself with something that you enjoy for the time being....something pleasant.

    Tell yourself 'I'm okay. I'm okay". - because you are, you will be. You WILL be!!


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