Disability Hearing Question for anyone who had their hearing

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aeronsmom, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    What should or shouldn't I say? should I try and get disability based on my Depression or for Fibro or both. Disability is REALLY fighting me...they are saying that I am not a person with a substancial disability. I am so frustrated and I can't wait for the hearing and prove these idiots wrong...they said I am NOT suffering...who the heck are they to say something like that?? are they in MY body??
    I can't even do housework without being bedridden the next day. anyways thanks for letting me vent and if someone can help me with what I should or shouldb't say this would be SO great.

    on another note, went to my Dr's today about the pain in my face and jaw and ear...she seems to think that I have Arthritis in the area that I was telling her about....great...lovely..what else???

  2. RockiAZ

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    I wish I had an answer for you. I've gone through the same thing with my work STD & LTD - both were denied due to obserd reasons. I was going to push for SSDI, but I just cannot force myself to go through such agony right now. I know that sounds silly of me, but I just can't deal with their nonsence - maybe soon.

    I am curious though to the answers you may receive. Also, I have read many threads on disability on this site and it's very interesting what you find out. Have you read any of them lately?

    Good luck Ann!

    Live, Laugh, Love,
  3. deb06

    deb06 New Member

    Hi there. I have had two hearings- one that I did everything wrong and one that I did everything right.

    Go in humbly and treat the Judge as though he is like God on the judgement seat. Dont go in with a chip on your back.

    Go totally after the depression being completely honest with yourself how this has affected your relationships with husband/ kids/ etc. How devasted you are about your losses.

    I won on anxiety, panic attacks, and depression and not my chronic pain- which is the cause of the rest.

    If you can bring in a husband or someone that lives with you - do it- that totally helped me win.

    The first time I went in with a chip on my shoulder, with all my walls of defense up. I have been hurt so much and have had people from SSA tell me I was not credible. We all have walls that allow us to make it from day to day. Take down those walls for a day- you can put them back up again. I know it is scary to allow yourself to feel the intense pain that we all have inside of us emotionally. Talk about your low self worth, hwo you shut yourself off from everyone etc.

    Be honest and get down to your feelings- real feeling as painful as they are. If I would have done this the first time I would be about 3 years of back pay that I will now never get.

    Good luck and I will pray for you- Luvs, deb
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  4. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    Thank you so much, I know for a fact that I will probably break down and cry...I have no chip on my shoulder just angry that they are putting us thru this.
    Thanks again Deb.
  5. mistress-o-pain

    mistress-o-pain New Member

    Answer questions based on your worse day. If you have diagnosis of mental illness then use it but make a case out of all of your diagnosis. I was asked if I cooked, cleaned, fed myself, bathed myself etc etc. It's their job to prove that you are not disabled. It's your job, and your attorney's to prove you are. I cried. I couldn't help it and I tried my hardest not to. I answered questions to the best of my ability.
    I don't know what I would have done without the kindness and knowledge of these people on this forum!
    Good luck and God bless.
  6. atthezoo

    atthezoo New Member

    When I applied the first time I got it. Document everything including all illnesses, injuries everything that makes you unable to work. All drugs you have taken for anything. They may have your medical records. that does not mean they read everything. Have all of your Dr's. write notes on why they recommend this for you exspecialy your fibro Dr. Use every single diagnoses you have on that form. Hint: Don't want to hire a lawyer call your area social services and ask them for help.
  7. Msdeana

    Msdeana New Member

    When you have a hearing wether it be for STD, LTD, or SSDI it is essential that you tell them in your own words what is going on. Pretend you are explaining things to a 12 yr old child. They know that the average John Q Public is a layperson and knows nothing about medical mumbo-jumbo. DO not use any medical termingoly save that for your medical doctors. That way it makes it personal and is what wins most cases. I am still trying to win mine, we have all my I's dottted and T's crossed and only waiting on a hearing.

    Take care hugs to all.
  8. kmcerio

    kmcerio New Member

    Someone told me that it works in your favor to have a duel diagnosis when you go for your hearig. God knows that we are all depressed over our conditions anbd our life as we know it now. Who wouldn't be depressed. I wasn't proud. I called right up and made an appt. at my local mental health clinic and am still going . I applied for SSD on 2003 and was denied . The very next week I hired a lawyer who specialized in SSD cases and he was wonderful I got my denial in Dec. 2003 and had my next hearing with my lawyer in Oct. 2004 and got full SSD in Dec. 2004.My lawyer, myself and a stenographer were the only people in the room. My lawyer asked me moist of the questions,a few from the judge and I brought a witness to tell how my life had changed for the worst but they never even had to testify. The judge said"I have enough shes fine. That was a yr. ago and I'm up for review right now and if they continue it they won't put me up for review for another 7 yrs. I live in N.Y.State. The judgement also said I had to continue all treatment so I am still going to the mental health. You do what you have to do to win.They don't realize you have to live on this money that you've paid into all your life and they make you fight so had for it when you really need it. I would definately get a lawyer if you've been denied once or more times. They are worth it. Best of luck and if I can be of anymore help please don't hesitate. Good Luck and I will pray for you. Karen
  9. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    This is what happened.Sorry ahead of time for any spelling eras LOL> I walked in with my hubby and attorney.The judge first asked if there were any witnesses my attorney told her no my DH was just there for moral support.

    We held up our right hands and you know.The judge asked me if I had worked at all since Nov. 4th 2003.I told her no.
    She than asked .Why do you feel you can not work.I told her that I could no longer do what I used to.I said I was at work at 5am and left at 5pm every day.I started to cry I hated that part .I told her I wanted my life back.She asked me if I still could not pick up my grand kids.I cant told her and cry again I had put that down when I first filed.I told her I had just gotten a promotion and a pay increase of 15,000.00 And would I give that up for 698.00 a month. And that my DH retied because of my promotion and when my heath went bad he had to get a full time job. She wrote all that down.

    I had a letter from my former manager on how I worked and that not being able to work was totally out of character for me.My boss also said that I had tried to go back many times but could not due to pain.

    She also had a letter from one of my hubby's friends.Who told her that I had gone to a party and could not go up the stairs by myself.He had always seen me at home sick but that was the first time he had seen how the FM had taken its tole on me.

    Those 2 Letters were put in my record .They carried alot of weight on her dission.
    They also had a doctor there to testify for SS .Well he did and the judge asked if he supported my doctors findings of FM .He said yes he could not see how I could work with chronic pain.

    I had a report from my GP she stated that I could not work.I had one from my shrink who also wrote that I should apply for disability and he felt that I was disabled.Also my neurologists said I had FM and could not work.

    The doctor stated that I had excellent records and that I continue to see my doctors.Oh and I also had reports from 3 rhumys They all stated that I had all 11 trigger points.

    The judge granted me disability but I must continue to see my shrink and I will have a revue in 2 yrs due to my age,I'm 52 so she then stated that there might be some new advances in treat ment for FM.

    HER judgment on my case was FIbromyalgia.

    I also had one of the toughest judges in Rhode Island.

    Well I hope this helps someone.I'm glad its over.The pain is still here but a little stress is gone.

    I will and so will my doctors continue to find something that will help me.

    If I do get well I will go back to work .

    Thank you all this board has been a life saver for me and my Dear husband.

  10. im in the uk and lost my dissability hearing last june.
    im now having to lie about even having these illnessess fibromyalgia/ME in order to get a part time job.i need to eat..anyway to cut a long story short.in my report as to why i lost my dissability money..

    the panel felt that i was blowing it all out of proportion..you know the whole thing of how theses illnesses effect us on a daily basis.i told them my main reasons for making the claim where.

    i have to ask my husband to help me with my toilet needs as i have limited mobility,my spine ceases up and im unable to clean myself up at the toilet..therefore i need help from another person,,with my personal needs.
    the brain fog.i told them how this short term memory makes it virtually impossible for me to cope outdoors,,i have to have help from another person just to get out and about in the world.
    well i could go on but its much too long,you all know how these illnesses effect me already as ive replied to other peoples posts on here for months now..click to search my name and you will be taken to the many things ive wrote on this site.

    anyway..i think you should concentrate more,,at your dissability appeal...concentrate more on the limitations you are experiencing as regards to your muscle weakness and mobility problems,especially on the fact that you cant stand for long periods of time,and cant lift saucepans n such..
    they seem to not be very interested in the memory loss/frustration and fear of us being out doors,even with our carer with us.
    over here in the uk it said on my claim form,they do not pay dissability money for depression and for the sufferer being too affraid to go out doors alone.
    in a nut shell,they know how this illness effects us on a major scale from,washing ourselves/dressing..everything..but they think its all in the mind..and wont pay money for malfunctions of the fibro mind kind.

    i cried when i read that they didnt believe me..how can they believe me,,its like a story from the twilight zone.but its real..this is how fibromyalgia and ME/chronic fatigue syndrome effects the sufferer.
    the panel dont suffer from my illness,they,ve maybe read up about it prior to meeting me.thats it.
    its so very sad isnt it.i feel im being persecuted for having this illness.

    good luck with your dissability hearing

    love fran

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