Disability Hearing with ALJ on April 10th Question

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    My disability hearing with the ALJ is 10 days away! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nervous! Here is my question. Has anyone on here been self-employed and received SSDI? Here's my story (sorry if it is kind of long):

    I worked full-time at a corporate job until August of 2002. At this time, I quit my full-time job to work only my Mary Kay business. The last few months at my full-time job I had to decrease my hours due to my health getting worse.

    In 2003, I worked approximately 16 hours a week and I was a Mary Kay Sales Director. I was unable to keep my position due to not being able to work a full-time schedule which is necessary for a MK Sales Director. In September 2003, two months after debuting as a Sales Director, I had a major flare up and was in bed for months. I tried to hold onto my position and MK worked with me, but I had very few months that I was making my required sales production. So, in December of 2004, I had to resign and from 12/04 through 11/05, I was only a consultant and servicing my existing customer base. I was no longer holding selling appointments. In 2004, I worked approx. 9.86 hours a week, in 2005 an average of 1.58 hours per week.

    When I filed for disability back in December of 2003, I had told the SSDI interviewer that I considered myself disabled as of September 2003, because this is when I had a major flare up and was in bed for months. But the SSDI interviewer said that since I quit my job in 2002 to work at a reduced schedule that the August 2002 date would be used to start my disability.

    I told her when I first got on the phone that I was self-employed and she asked me how much I made, according to my 1040, and I told her. She said I could apply - I had not made over $800.00 a month after expenses and I would be okay.

    So back in September of 2005, the ALJ was reveiwing my file and wanted to see my tax records. I faxed everything and my lawyer called me very upset. She said, "You sold and earned in commissions over $28,000 the one year, $17,000 was your earnings the next year, and then $12,000 the following. There is no way you are going to be approved". She acted as if I had misled her and I did not. I was just going by what SSDI told me.

    I also explained to her that as a first year sales director, I should have made $40,000 plus, in addition to my sales had I been able to work. She still acted as though I had misled her. She is not hopeful of me getting a favorable decision because of this. I had called the SSA and talked to someone there and they told me that it did not matter how much product I sold - they would only go by what is on the tax returns and how many hours per week I worked. Another lawyer told me the same thing. I told this to my attorney and she said that that's not true. So I am really concerned about my outcome.

    Has anyone on here had any experience with being self-employed and going through the disablity process?

    I tried to continue working as long as I could, and I hope that this does not work against me. I think the fact that I continued to try and find some type of work that I could do should be in my favor, but I don't know.

    The reasons I filed for SSDI: CFS, FM, Interstitial Cystitis, Migraines, IBS, Tarsel Tunnel

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    You lawyer makes no sense to me. They go by not your gross earnings, but what you actually made after all your write-offs etc.

    I was self-employed for 2 years after stopping my dental assisting job. It caused much trouble in my case. I thought it would help me and show that I tried to work as long as I could. It is very subjective and can be used in many ways to use against you by a judge that really wants to.

    Even if you don't qualify for SSDI, you can still qualify for benefits.

    I did make money, but came out a loss on my taxes so I was considered disabled ultimately during the time I was self employed. Didn't matter because I lost the case anyway.

    You may have to look into a different lawyer that will support you and your situation.

    Luv, deb
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    So you did you lose your case at the ALJ level, or the other stages?
  4. srobins

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    to get more info! Thanks!

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