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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by OuchyMama, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. OuchyMama

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    Hi Everyone, I am going the 2nd of April for my hearing for SSDI . I am so nervous I am sick at my stomach. I have been turned down each time, and I am at the end of my rope. I am very concerned about my depression if they turn me down again. It is very difficult also to deal with the anger I am feeling. I worked hard my whole life from the time I was 14. SS acts like fibro and it's related problems are nothing but a scam for money. The pitiful amount I would get even if I won is nothing compared to what I made at my job I had for 14 years. I keep trying to get past this anger but it is sooooooo hard. If anyone has any advice for me or even would just share their experiences with this phase of the SSDI fight I would appreciate your input. Thank You and God Bless
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    I know your flustration. This is the toughest thing to go through and to fight Disability on top of it is pure hell-o to be frank. There is no way to really help with this because your hearing and the decision is entirely in the hands of the judge who gets your case. They are the ones who decide it for you. i woud really recommend you keeping a diary though of your pain daily and what you can and can't do because of it. If you don't have an Attorney you really need to get one to represent you with this. Words of advice though, don't do yourself up, go as you do any other day of the week. And stay strong. we who have this are all fighters and keep on fighting them. I have been for three years and will be darned if i will let them win.
    Take care,
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    Hi, just wanted to welcome you to the board. I can't help with the disability, but wanted to say I will keep good thoughts, and am sending blessings your way that they will not give you any more problems.

    Again,welcome to our world.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Just a note to tell you that I totally understand your anger. I think my anger is what is the hardest thing to control right now! I have heard it said, and I agree, that depression is the result of long term anger, especially unexpressed anger......anger turned inwards.

    But I do understand! If I am not crying my head off, I am cursing out the walls, furniture, whatever! I think that is why I cry so much, because expressing the anger in any other way seems "inappropriate" and "not allowed".

    I am just at the reconsideration level in my SSDI claim. I do not know how I will survive.

    But somehow, I will, and so will you! You are in my prayers and I will think about you, and pray for you on April 2nd. Would you mind posting about what time your hearing takes place, and what time zone you are in? I have put it on my calendar on my computer for that day....but if I knew the time, I could pray during that time for you.

    Hugs and Blessings.....and thanks for being there for me, too!

  5. OuchyMama

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    Thank You all for your kind words. Vickie I am in Indiana and my hearing is at 2pm Thank You for your prayers, it means more than you know.
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    I want you to know you will get a lot of support even tho some folks didn't feel like getting on the computer today and missed your post, or whatever. Over time I have received much help here.

    I am just to worn out from the CFIDS/fibro, whatever they call it, to be angry. I have no energy for the most part to express many emotions any more. Isn't that terrible?

    But I have been turned down 2 xs by SSDI and am meeting with an attorney tomorrow for help with the 3rd step in the process. I have no insurance, no money to shop for doctors to help me, let alone back me up on my disability claim. I will write when recovered from the trip out (I seldom leave house) and let you know what I found out. Everyone's information provides a little bit more help so stay tuned - you may hear a little something here that will encourage you or assist you in your battle.

    We care, really we do.