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  1. Donna39

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    Just wondering if anyone who has filed for SSD can start me in the right direction. How do I file? Do I need to go down or can it be done over the phone?I have read alot of negative things about going down in person because you are judged somewhat on how you look on the outside.I just need to get started on this and just need a push in the right direction.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. elaine_p

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    they take basic info over the phone and then send you forms to fill out.

    Other people have had luck by going down in person, but I'd say if you do that, make sure you're not rested first. Don't try to dress up or anything, and no makeup might be good, too.
  3. JP

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    I went to our local SSD office and set an appointment. They sent me home with the paperwork and I set the appointment for the next week. I do know you can do it over the phone. I don't know about being judged by showing up in person. They took my information and sent it to the main branch out of town. I just happened to be running a usual fever that day and was also in a fair amount of pain. I filed in late May and they said I would hear any day now. I have been out of work for 20 months now and my primary cause is the disease of my spine. FM was also part of the report. My experience has been positive so far. I wish I knew one way or another. If I am awarded, my pay will be about 1200 a month. I was making 1200 a week before I left my job. At any rate, I will be grateful if I am approved the first time.

    I hope you get some helpful advice.

    Take care,
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    nervous about the whole thing.What kind of questions do they ask when you make that first phone call?Do they go in depth about why you are filing?I am just trying to get aheads up about what to expect when I make that call so maybe it will ease the tension a little.I guess I sound like a big scardy cat,uh?If someone could just let me know
    what to expect when I call them,I would be sooooooo greatful.


    I was just recently approved for SS and I have copies of my application,if your interested in reviewing, just to give you an idea of what to expect.

    E-mail address in my profile.

    Hugs, Take care,
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    cookie,i have been denied and i want to see what i can do to help myself.could you send me some info?can i look at your application?
    i am blueeyes4u2c37@yahoo.com ( you have it i think)hugs,janet
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    I know a lot of people file there own and I think they must be very brave souls. I found a disability advocay clinic and they do all the paper work, I don't think that I could handle doing it all, especially when it goes to an appeals etc. You should know that a para legal cannot represent you in the Federal Courts only an attorney can do that. Most advocacy clinic and attorneys will not charge you anything( down payment) most charge 25% of the back pay you get when you are approved. I think that this is fair considering all the work they do. My paralegal gets the doc reports from every visit I have, etc. She notes every change or new medication and turns it all over to the SS people. Otherwise you have to get all your medical records etc. SS will have you sign papers and get your medical records also.
    If your interested in having representation do a search for "Disability Advocacy Clinc" they have references and numbers you can call to find representation in your area. Lots of luck...My ADVISE? Be Patient and don't give up, realize that 75% of people who apply, get denied the first time, Each level can take up to 180 days.So it can take awhile. Although some here on the site have got it right away.
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    Go to the social security website and it will give you the info you need. When you put your name into the file it will assign you a number so you can get back in. It means you can start something, and go back to it. It took me two weeks to finish mine so I didn't have to talk to anyone, didn't have to be judged, didn't have to sit through an uncomfortable office visit. Just gather up your medications, your doctors names, addresses, your diagnosed illnesses and go ahead and start. You will need an original copy of your birth certificate as well, so if you don't have one you need to send off to your town of birth for an authorized copy. Also will need your social security card, and your employers and job positions for the 10 years (my state required 15 years). The feds passed by file to the state for processing. Don't know if that is normal everywhere. Good luck - there are a lot of websites as well that will help answer your questions if you have any.