Disability if you haven't worked much??

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    I'm new to posting but have been reading your site for months. I have a primary diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and also have depression off and on. I am not in therapy right now but need some.

    I applied for disability in 2006 and was turned down. I reapplied but my doctor didn't follow through with the paperwork and they closed the case. I just gave up at that point. I had such a lousy appointment with the ss physician, in that he made me feel like such a loser/malingerer (word?).

    This year I reapplied but they keep asking me questions about my work period and I don't have the answers any more. I don't know what to do. I worked in 2005 for about six months for a private business (they are now shut down, can't find them). My previous work experience was way back in the early 90's.

    So I only worked for six months in the last ten years. The person at the ss office looked at me funny when I told her that was it. How can I explain how difficult it was for me to work at all.
    Right now I'm collecting welfare while the application is pending. I have ended my marriage and desperately need disablilty. I can't remember the hours I worked or how many days. It was very sporadic.

    Why are they asking me these questions? I was self employed at the time. I wonder now if there was some fraud on the end of the business I worked at. Meanwhile, I have contacted the IRS to get a copy of my records (or I will do that today, online if I can figure it out).

    I'm afraid to make a mistake in answering their questions. I didn't keep very good records and I have the worst memory around.

    Help me if you can. I feel very nervous about this.

    Thank you.
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    Don't know the answers to your questions.

    I think you need the help of an atty specializing in Soc Sec cases.

    Have you visited the Disability/Benefits board on this site?

    Good luck

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    I am not an attorney, but I did go through the SSA process and was approved. I was also involved in the online Social Security Disability Coalition, but the leader is terminal and it disbanded.

    Social Security Disability is not an easy application to make. And too many people foolishly go into the process expecting the Social Security Administration (SSA) to represent them and prove their case for them--WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. YOU must represent yourself or get an attorney, representative, advocate or other person and you must fully present your own case. If you are not prepared to present your case and have the answers to all questions, your chances of being denied are high. Some people have said that they gave several names and addresses of doctors to SSA for them to obtain records, but SSA did not obtain records from all the doctors--this leaves the claimant at a disadvantage, which is why you obtain all the records and give them to SSA.

    Key to your case is that your doctors must opine TWO POINTS: that YOU ARE FULLY DISABLED AND UNABLE TO DO ANY JOB, NOT JUST THE JOB YOU USED TO DO. That is something that many people do not realize. So many times the job of Walmart greeter is thrown out as a possible job a claimant could do and they have nothing from their doctors to defend against this. Go to the Disability Board here and read the article I posted about talking to your doctor. If your doctors do not support you as being disabled AND unable to do any job--you will have to get other doctors that will support that. Otherwise SSA will never approve you.

    Unless you are currently presenting new information to SSA to convince them that you are disabled, and unless your doctors' records indicate you are fully disabled and unable to do any other job, your chances are that you may be denied yet again.

    If you are denied, you may want to see an attorney and the attorney might file an appeal on your behalf. But the attorney will ask you questions similar to SSA and you'll need to have the answers. Good luck and hugs.
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