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  1. hensue

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    Is this what I need to go for! I cannot work anymore. Most people are not going to hire you just because of the drugs.
    My husband says i need to start looking into this. I I never was paid over 22,ooo a year. So how much are you looking at? I have been diagnosed with fibro. 10 years ago.
    My internal Dr., A neurologist in Tallahassee fl. and then Emory Clinic in Atlanta.

    I did not tell any of them about the previous diagnosis. They all said I had the classic symptoms and this is what I have.
    So I guess what i need to know if you have fibromyalgia and high blood pressure. Can I apply for this? Where do I need to start. I am female.
    We all need all the help we can get. I am not trying to work the system. Sure some days i might be able to clean house. The next day be in the bed for a couple of days.
    Is this sufficient enough to get disability? I here you are always turned down the first time.
    So please help!

    LISALOO New Member

    You need to check howmany work credits you have received. You can check this on SSD's web site. You can also request a statement that would tell you how much you would get if you were disabled. It doesn't matter how much you were paid.

    Why would an employer find out about drugs? I would never tell anyone. Never been tested

    Please read the SSD sticky at the top of the page, you will learn everything.[This Message was Edited on 07/31/2008]
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    I recommend Allsup, you can find them online. They do everything for you from beginning to end and have a 97% approval rating!! You answer all the SSA questions over the phone to them and they fill out the forms, all you do is sign them and they take the standard rate, nothing more. I don't know about you but every time I looked at all those forms I got stressed and sick. It has taken a load off my mind and they know all SS' tricks, like repetitive questions that are worded just a little different. They handle lots of FM cases. Just google Allsup.

    Good Luck,

  4. hensue

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    Is that to long ago? Right now i would not be eligible for ssi. My husband makes good money. We still have bills.
    So do I need to do this right away? Do you think I would be eligible?
    I am not trying to work the system I am trying to get some income. He might get tired of me like this also. I am not in any shape to get a job sitting all day. Or standing all day. I believe working 21 years i have paid it in.
    What should I do?
  5. hensue

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    Do they consider my husband's income. He makes to much i am not asking for ssi or medicare. Like a lot of people this would help paying for doctor visits the insurance will not cover and drugs.
    I have paid in for 20 years. So how do you determine credits? i am totally confused. Do i need to hurry and start this now?
  6. kjfms

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    One credit is earned for every one thousand dollars earned -- this is what is states on my earnings statement form Social Security anyway.
  7. hensue

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    I am going to go ahead and try to start this up. My Doctor doesnt no i quit work. I have to go to him aug 19, do i tell him? He had written a note telling the army that i in no way could take care of my grandchildren. While my son is in Afghanistan. I am of the opinion I have worked hard to pay this in. I do not know where to start. my previous employer will not say i could not do these things. She knows I quit because of it. I never was out. I just kept on plugging a long. Start with My medical records? It doesnt matter what my husband makes? I tried to walk yesterday not. I am so sore and headache sore throat. Fatigued, everybody knows the symptoms hurt from head to toe. How are you going to work like that. Also on pain pills.
    I guess i have seen so much worse suffering with both of my parents having cancer and hurting and dying. That i feel guilty for trying. If something happens to my husband we are just like most people living from paycheck to paycheck. That is why i let him get the physicals first and put everything on the back burner for me. He also has hep c. So that is a huge concern.
    Keep up the good work. Going to start on this now!
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    all or most all your questions can be answered there. i have been on ssi and ssd for over two years now. i applied on my own with out any lawyers or trials it ook me 3 tires to get it but the 3rd time was a charm i got all my back pay and did not have to pay a lawyer. your local social services dept should have advocates to help low inmcome familiy members apply for ssi and ssd.
  9. hensue

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    Everyone on here are so kind. I appreciate any help be it wrong or right. Just the fact that people care and are in the same boat your in. That makes a huge difference in your life. I am so sorry you felt like you were attacked.
    We all need info. So let it flow
    We'll get through this together!
  10. CAM57

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    Hi Hensue,
    I live just south of Tallahassee. Are you still located in this area? Good Luck appling.