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  1. lin21

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    After several years i finally won my case and am now solely dependent on that income.
    My husband works and pays most of the household bills at this time.
    I need to know what happens if the other spouse should become disabled or dies. I know there is a cap of $3,000 per family.
    I receive income for my daugther too which without it I could not do it financially.
    What happens after the child becomes 18?
  2. mosherpit

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    I assume you are refering to child support, I live in Mass. and the law states that support must be paid as long as the child is a student. My daughter is 18 but is going to college so I still get support from her father....

    I don't have info as far as the disability aspect, but look into the legal side of the support.

    Good luck
  3. lin21

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    I guess I wasn't clear enough.
    If you get SSI for yourself and you get support for your child and she turns 18, does your benefit increase if something happens to your husband or if he dies and she turns 18? Say if the max is $3k per family and you get $2K for yourself and child what happens you just lose that benefit and your benefit doesn't increase?
  4. kirschbaum26

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    Dear Lin21:

    If you daughter is disabled, then she would receive SSDI until she dies. If she is not, then just until she turns 18, or when she graduates from High School, if she turns 18 during the final year. There is a family cap, but I do not believe it is $3,000, I think it is $3,127.00, or at least that is what my annual Social Security Statement is. Not sure if it is driven by income or not.

    Hope that helps.

  5. carebelle

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    I remember reading I think you can claim a % of your husbands if he dies.

    I'm not able to claim anything I cant because I was a stay home wife and mother my husband makes to much money right now. I do not want to claim a % of his unless he dies but then I have to much insurence .Unless I'm not reading something right I just cant claim anything.

    I was wanting to use monies to get extra treatments I can not afford .When his income comes down I might try but from what I understand I did not work enough outside the home . That stinks.