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    I go to SS today to finish my SSD application. It took me forever to fill out the adult work history thing... I can't even imagine how long the actual application process takes.

    I also talked with my employer and my husbands... I am going to lose my insurance, unless we pay the COBRA (about 1/2 my husband's monthly salary).

    His office will not let him switch to their policy until January... so we're faced with no insurance or searching for some private insurance for a few months... which we can't afford.

    What have others done in situations like this?

    The other option is I say to heck with disability and force myself to go back to work, even though I'm not ready... against the advice of my doctor and even my principal.

    Anyone have any advice? I'd also appreciate prayers.
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    Your husband might want to challenge that ruling about changing to his insurance. He could get the insurance package from HR and read it for himself or call the carrier.

    Every place that I have worked the insurance company only allows changes to insurance during open enrollment UNLESS you have a baby (which you have about 30 days to add), you lose your insurance (sounds like your case) and a couple of other things that I can't remember.

    If you lost your job and you were carrying your husband and yourself on your insurance and are now losing your coverage (cobra does not count, I do not think), I think your husband should be able to pick it up now.

    Here is my example. I lost my job in October (could have done cobra I think) and my husband picked me and our daughter up on his. Then in June of this year, I was eligible for insurance at my new job and so I picked up insurance for me and he dropped me. All of that was done outside of open enrollment because the situation qualified.

    I have done other things like that as well, like he lost his job and dental insurance, his new company does not have dental, so I immediately picked him up on my dental, also outside of open enrollment.

    Could be that your husband talked to someone who was misinformed. I would definitely get him to check it out again. Much better than paying COBRA.

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    My husband talked to the man in charge of the insurance policies, and read the policy himself. It says that you can't switch until open enrollment (in January) or, if it's a case of losing insurance, you have to exhaust COBRA first. Apparently they do that so people don't just switch insurance to try to save money. @#%^@$%^@%$ crooks!

    At this point, I'm hoping my disability case comes through quickly and then I can apply for medicare.

    I'm slightly encouraged... even though I've heard horror stories of denials, the woman I spoke to at the SS office yesterday told me that in VT it's about 50% approval on the first try (and many of those denied never should have applied in the first place... she said she called one man to check on him one time and he was shoveling his roof!)

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    I was hoping to read that you had checked it out and found out you could change like I said. Sorry that did not pan out.

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    My husband spoke with the guy at work again today. He said the COBRA thing was only a problem if I was already covered by it... and since I haven't been dropped from my insurance (until next week or two) then I am ok. We can switch to his insurance!

    Now I won't have to feel quite so guilty about not working this year.
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    I know is sounds silly, but I was so happy to hear this! Hope it is not because I was right! LOL

    I AM glad if I was able to help though. So many times people here are needing help and advise for so many things and you read some HEARTBREAKING stories and just LONG to be able to help and you can't.

    So I guess that is why I am so glad - glad for you to have one less worry. I think you should celebrate!

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