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    Does anyone know of a successful, efficient, organized lawyer in the Atlanta, GA area who files disability appeals. I want someone knowledgeable of fibromyalgia. Someone who has time for you, but gets the job done quickly and with reasonable fees attached. Thank you, RH
    PS I worked 23 hard years as an RN. I've been unable to work for 3 years due to fibromyalgia. I think I was suffering with it long before it was diagnosed. BUT I continued to work hard and help others. Now I need someone who cares to help me!
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    But I wanted to wish you luck and bump your post for you!

    I, too, am an RN, who had to go through THREE rejections and face the judge before I finally got approved. It was ridiculous!!

    I totally understand what you mean-we work so hard in a job that takes so much out of you in the first place. And then you get treated like you're a peice of junk when you go to get the benefits that you have paid into for all those years.

    Good luck, and I will add you to the list of people whom I'll be praying for. Take care. PG
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    I had the misfortune of hiring a lawyer in FLorida. I believe that the two I had signed up with were just shysters.

    I moved to SC on the GA border. I got in contact with an SS Advocate who had worked for Social Security Disability for many years. She was very good. She sat with me for hours and prepared me for the hearing. She read all my records from beginning to end....just as my judge did.
    I would forget about an Attorney and look for someone who has been on both sides of the fence. I won...thank God.
    I'll pray for you. It took me three years (florida is a hard state to win in).

    God Bless
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    want to keep this up there in case anyone has anymore suggestions. Thanks, Rhonda
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    I am going to my lawyer on the 2nd and would like to tell him I have heard of others who have got their SSD on fibromyalgia only.
    Please help me with this info.

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    For helping to keep this up on the list......I think I posted something specific to getting help with fm. Fibro fog don't remember for sure....Also check under my posting for Atlanta lawyer.......I gave jbailey8 some good info there that I already had.
    Hope all goes well for you the second time around.
    PS I think if you go to my profile, you can see my postings. I think on that one the title says Let me see if I---something like that.
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    Bumping and what is the SS advocate, how do I find one, sounds like it is a state government employee to help people get their ssdI. I am in Florida if that helps.

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    I just won my case in front of the judge..and I used the lawyer that does the stuff on this page his name is Scott Davis and he goes to all states ...he is in Az but I live in Ca...I have also heard allsup is good too....good luck to you..
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    Lists of disability lawyers (posted previously10/25/06 10:53 AM)

    If it's an SSDI claim, check out NOSSCRs' website (National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives).

    If it's an ERISA claim, check out NELA (National Employment Lawyer's Association).

    Both give out (or used to) names of lawyers by location, and sometimes practice.

    When you find someone, ask for a consultation (often they're free) and make sure this person is familiar with your health problems and has dealt with your kind of case before.

    That's my 2 cents. Hope it helps!

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    Thanks so much for the responses. More are still always appreciated. I was offline yesterday d/t trip to Pensacola (poor me:) My father-in-law had a minor surgery and is doing wonderfully, but I don't know how much I will be online during the trip. Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude, as I know more than just I need this help!! Thanks, thanks, and thanks!! Rhonda