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    This board is such a wealth of information so I thought I would ask you guys instead of trying to find the info on the social security web, which is so confusing sometimes.

    I have insurance through my husband. Good insurance but I do have deductibles. I will be getting medicare starting in march and just got a letter yesterday stating that disability will be taking $88 out of my check every month for medicare. OUCH!

    My check isn't that big to begin with. My question is, do I still need the medicare? Do you know if it will pay for my deductibles. My meds aren't even $40 a month and I only go to the Doc once a month at $20 copay. So if neither meds or copays are paid by medicare, it seems that it would be a waste of money that I sure could use elsewhere.

    Anyone with any knowledge of this?

    Here I was all excited to get my first check at the end of this month and then bam, they're taking money out. Bummer

    Okay, here is what I found out. I called medicare and they said I do not have to take medicare right now and she even told me that it would not pay for me to use it.

    I am covered through my husbands insurance and she said I can sign up anytime for medicare And that if my husband loses his job and doesn't find work right away that I have up to 7 months to apply for medicare before I will get penalized(whatever that means).

    I called my husbands insurance and they said that his insurance would be primary and medicare would be secondary. My husbands insurance is through union carpenters. (CMR)

    Hope this answered some of your questions too.
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    Through your husband and it pays pretty well, you can put off taking your Medicare, without penalty, until you need it.

    The question to ask is which policy would be primary. It's possible that the one through your husband would be the primary insurance with Medicare as the supplemental. In this case, the medicare might pay for services not covered now because of the large deductibles. You really need to talk to someone who can answer these questions for you. If this scenario were to be correct, you would have to decide whether it would be worth it to pay the monthly Medicare premium for the Part B (doctor) Medicare. You will already have the Part A (hospital).

    Each case is different, so even though there are many here with knowledge (I was an insurance agent), you really need to find out just how your insurance would work with the Part B and without it. A good place to start would be through your husband's insurance carrier or the human resources benefits contact at his work.

    This is an important decision so you need to get correct answers. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    So, I would be very interested in what you find out.. The Medicare went in to effect this mth...

    My DH has insurance on me too.. He cannot drop me till, September, I don't think..........Just our co-pay on meds is terrible.. MY DH took out $1,500.00 in the Tex Flex plan in Sept. and it is just about gone. It was all spent on meds, makes me feel like a parasite, dragging DH down. Hope, he doesn't feel that way, though.......

    I also got the part B, and it is a lot to come out of my checks..... But, I have a lot of diff. problems, and most insurance Co.'s wouldn't insure me.....

    I still do not know which one will be the supplement....I just went to my Lung specialist yesterday, so maybe I will find out... My DH is 66, and he is wanting to work 2 more years, for the state. Then his insurance will be payed, for life........
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    Everyone's situation is different, but here is mine:

    My husband is still working and is carrying his own insurance, because his company provides it to him at a very low cost, but I am NOT covered on his plan because where I worked, I had a better plan than he did.

    I worked for 30 years at the same company and have retired. I am now covered under my company's insurance plan as a retiree.

    I am also on SSDI. Two years after I got the SSDI, I qualified to have Medicare insurance benefits. I took them and pay the same for them as you will have to - $88/month.

    So, now Medicare (Parts A and B) is my PRIMARY insurance coverage and my company's insurance carrier is my SECONDARY insurer.

    I DID NOT opt to get the prescription drug coverage that Medicare offered because I have much better prescription coverage under my company's insurance plan.

    Through my company's insurance plan, I also have dental insurance and eye doctor coverage.

    My secondary coverage through my employer is a "dual" plan which gives coverage to me and my husband. I pay about $280/month for it--which is deducted out of my pension check. Ugh!

    I could opt for a "single" plan through my employer which whould be substantially less per month since my hubby already has insurance with his company, but mine is so much better and the way that we have it now, he also has two coverages like I do. So if either one of us had a catastrophic illness or accident, our bills should not be that much.

    and .... when he reached Medicare age (he is 60 now) and he gets Medicare as primary and his company's plan as secondary, I do plan to switch my company's plan to a "single" plan for just me and save about a $100/month.