Disability-Ohio=PERS,P&F,Teachers Please Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jean C., Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Jean C.

    Jean C. New Member

    I know most people are covered under social security but some of us worked under other retirement & disability systems.

    Please if you are covered or been denied under one of these let me know.

    I was granted disability 2 years ago. This year they had me retested. Saw several of their doctors. Most said I was disable but they took away my pension and insurance.

    I have an attorney but it looks like to fight them would be very expensive.

    Please anyone that has fought them?

    May I keep this bumped to top for a few days? I am desperate.

    Jean C.--Fibro and disc problems back etc.
  2. Sharon1226

    Sharon1226 New Member

    Just bumping this for you. I'm very interested in an answer myself as I work in Ohio and go through Public Employees Retirement System.

    What was their reasoning for taking away your pension and insurance? You paid into it, how can they give it to you and then take it away? I'm not understanding that logic.

    They have always said Ohio is one of the hardest states to get disability in w/o any problems.

  3. Jean C.

    Jean C. New Member

    they do not give reason just I am no longer disable to work. I worked as a 911 dispatcher everything that goes with it shift work etc.

    Just sent notice for reexam I ended up seeing 4 of their dr this year. I have reports 2 of first 3 said I should remain on disability the 4th I do not have his report yet but they referred to it as he found I had considerable pain.

    My primary signed disabiliy papers to start with also I have pain dr and 1 other spec that said disable. Also My primary sent me to a rheumatoligist that sent them a letter of total disablility. (our plan is disable to do our last job=not any job as social security requires.

    Even the doctors that did not agree to total disability said I should work in less stressful job. This means diability as I cannot do my last job.

    Are they doing this to others? All of a sudden to their whim they take away income and insurance. I can no longer get ins from other companies because of this illness at rate before I went on disability. I am going on husband's who cannot refuse me.

    This is not fair I worked long and hard I have always worked overtime. I have been self supportive my whole life. My husband should not have to pay for me. Jean C.
  4. Jean C.

    Jean C. New Member

    Please anyone on disability from state of Ohio
  5. PolarBear

    PolarBear New Member

    Hi Jean,

    I'm new to the site and wanted to say hello. I don't have any answers for you unfortunately. I have worked for the State of Nevada for 25 years now and am looking at having to apply for a disability retirement myself at my Dr.'s suggestion. If you or anyone else has any tips or information that would help, I would really appreciate it. I have been reading other posts and I haven't seen anything on PERS, just social security. One thing that I have learned is that since I have had to be out a lot on FMLA without pay, it bumps my retirement date out further. It's a "Catch 22" situation.

    Thanks for posting this. Hopefully we can both learn something. :0)


  6. steach

    steach Member

    My retirement system is STRS, somewhat similar to OPERS.

    I am an employee for the State of Ohio(teacher) and went on short-term disability in April '03. The state wanted me to see a so-called "specialist" -in the field of osteoarthritis! I refused and told them I would see a doc who specializes in CFIDS/FM and they agreed!

    I don't know where you live, but I traveled 4 1/2 hours to see Dr. Hal Blatman in Cincinnati. I would highly recommend him to anyone- especially in your situation when having an expert in the field counts.

    There has got to be an appeals process: you can either attempt this on your own -or- I would recommend an ERISA attorney who handles private retirement disability cases. Maybe you could make a post here asking for any recommendations for one in your area.

    I do not understand how they could terminate your benefits since you have so much documentation from other docs. I know they hire/sub-contract with their own docs who are probably general practioners who know very little or nothing about CFIDS/FM. That might be the "catch" in the appeal- that their docs do not specialize in this and do not have the proper/appropriate training/education to fully make a disability decision.

    Definetly appeal this- please let us know how things are going and what happens.

  7. steach

    steach Member

  8. steach

    steach Member

  9. teacher

    teacher New Member

    and I would like to know more about this also. I have been wondering if there would come a time that I need to check into disability and what all needs to happen.

    Praying that you get this straightened out,

  10. Jean C.

    Jean C. New Member

    Thanks everyone for your ans and bumps

    I did contact Dr.Blatman's office sometime ago. He does not accept any insurance payment. I do still have his application. I loved this ideal him working for me not ins co but I just could not afford him. Required (PERS) to see rehabilation dr so I went to Drake center. I am seeing a pain dr there.

    Steach it sounds like you were approve the same way I started out. They gave me disability on the condition I would try to be rehabilated. I saw the rehabilation dr as they required she filled out forms I could not return to work when ever they sent them. I did therpy everything asked of me. Since I did not improved she referred me to the pain mgm dr that works with her(so I could be rx narcotics).

    I did everything that they asked. THen they sent me to thier revaluation doctors. 2 said I should cont on diability 3rd said less stress job. They disallowed disability. Attorney sent letter PERS sent to their 4th dr. Have not got his report. IN their letter said he found considerable pain but my diability was disallowed.

    I hope this is not what they do to you. I am unable to work even if I could no job to go back to Union only holds so long. They waited until after 2 years to do this.

    My attorney is not a disability person so I will have to find some one that is. If anyone has the name of one that has handled state cases please let me know.

    Sorry this is long but maybe it will also help someone else.

    Thanks Jean C.
  11. honeybug

    honeybug New Member

    My retirement system is OPERS. I have been thinking about applying for disability retirement. I'm still working full time but am missing a lot of work lately and next to impossible to do my job. I was wondering how hard it was to get approved? Did you have to be not working before you applied? How much documentation did you need? My family Dr. is the only one I go to. Do you think I should see someone who specializes in Fibro? I have a lot of questions and have been trying to find someone who has been granted disability under OPERS. Any information would be extremely grateful.
  12. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I hope you see this.......I am getting OHIO PERS disability. I really did not have much of a problem getting it. I was a Police Dispatcher for many years and really did like that position. I did bid on another job within the city that had a lot of responsibilty and some heavy work involved. It paid more and I wanted to build up my retirement.LOL. So I changed poistions and then became ill.
    I tried to work through this, I did not want to leave.Even though I had good insurance, I spent thousands of my own money going Dr. to Dr. and test to test. I was missing work right and left, more and more. At home I could not even cook a meal or such. At the peak of my illness PERS sent me to three different Drs. I could hardly walk and saw the world fuzzy. It was hard to sit in a chair........I felt I would slide off and melt into the floor as I had not real sustance. I could hardly see around me. I know they thought I was not operating with a full deck. I was sent to a shrink also. I have no idea which Dr. convinced them and at that point I did not care as I could not go on working. I could not imagine being a 911 operator no more than my old job as police dispatcher. I would not be able to sit long at a desk, I can not think straight all the time. I forget things. Someone would get killed or die because of me. Words jump around still. Not as bad as "back then" but still not dependable. Maybe they sent me to the one Dr. because I saw saw a psychiatrist for a while. I kept reading and hearing that FIBRO/CFIDS was a mental problem..(Ha) so I went because if it was ..I wanted to be cured....(I tried everything). At one session the Dr. said that she could not find any thing wrong with me that I was a well rounded individual and dismissed me!
    Do you have problems with thinking and seeing? This might help to bring up. Are you really telling your Drs. all the strange problems we have?
    I also saw a FIBRO expert at Riverside Hospital in Cols. Ohio...he also has FIBRO and his children does also......I think that helped. I can not think of his name. I found him while searching for such.
    But I always understood that we can get disability if we can not do the job we were on when we got sick/injuried and did not have to step down to a lesser job. I know I can do neither, but still I am surprised over PERS and you.
    Good Luck...........
  13. Jean C.

    Jean C. New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    Suesl, I did reply to your post.

    Merve, it sounds like we are both fighting the same people.
    I am going to have more tests and mri as I do have back disc problems. Also I have will see someone about the depression and fog.

    All my doctors has responded that I am disable even a spec

    I would be glad to work if I could. I did not want to stop. Put off as long as I could. Had a lot of things I want to save for plus retirement. Disability would only be a portion of what I was making. Now I have no income.

    Does your attorney handle a lot of disablity claims? Would it be ok to post his name and number?

    I appreciate any help so I will report back on how My claim goes.

    Jean C.
  14. faedust333

    faedust333 New Member

    I am new here but want to know all I can about how one begins to apply for disability..Where do I start? I live in Ohio too...I have Fibro...Cervical Headeaches...bunch of other crap...There is no way I can work..This is an interesing thread:)
  15. basethound

    basethound New Member

    Jean I thought my ltd co had to pay me as long as my doc signed the form, I found out last month they only have to pay you 2yrs for not being able to do the job you were doing, and then there is certain percentage they will give you to go to a lower paying job etc, social security says you can't work any job etc, you need to get a copy of your disabilty contract and read the specific's, they sent me a copy, allsup inc helped me get my ss, they are very good, have you seen a therapist and did they write a letter, Barb
  16. katmak1

    katmak1 New Member

    Hello - Just ran across your message from 2004. I to was released in 2009 after 2 yrs being on SERS disability. I have r/a, o/a, signs of fibro, and lots of pain. I was wondering if you would share your attorneys name with me. Thank you.
  17. katmak1

    katmak1 New Member

    Hi Sharon - Just found this website, and I too was released from SERS disability back in 2009. I'm still trying to get it back. I have r/a, o/a, signs of fibro, etc. I was wondering if you would share with me the name of your attorney. Thank you.
  18. katmak1

    katmak1 New Member

    Hi Jean - I was released from SERS disability back in 2009, after being on it for 2 yrs. I was wondering if you found an attorney to fight SERS, and if so, would you share their name with me. Thank you.
  19. katmak1

    katmak1 New Member

    Helo honeybug - I was wondering if you found an attorney for your disability retirement. I was on SERS disability for 2 yrs and they removed me. I have r/a, o/a, signs of fibro, etc. Have had r/a for 22 yrs. I was wondering if you would share your attorney's name if you are from Ohio. Thank you.
  20. katmak1

    katmak1 New Member

    Hello Sues1 - I was wondering if you would share your attorneys name with me. I was on SERS disability for 2 yrs and they removed me. I have had r/a for 22 yrs, I have o/a, and signs of fibro. I have gone to their Dr's and the a couple of the SERS bd Dr's said I should be on disability but not all dr's agreed, so they did not put me back on. I am in need of an attorney if you could share the name of yours, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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