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  1. Joyce1

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    asked for more info on daily life. is this the usual?

    plus 15 years employ hist, oiy.. natonal security clearance only asks for 10.

    brain woikrs ok just body does not. will they turn down for this.? just worried.


  2. klutzo

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    I was only asked for ten yrs. work history. I was only asked for more stuff on daily life after I was turned down the first time.
    Be sure to minimize what you can do. From my experience, just being unemployable is not nearly enough. They seem to think if you can dress yourself, you can hold down a job! Ha!
    My lawyer said what helped me win the most was the letter from my Rheumatologist outlining all the things I cannot do. She attached a copy of "The American College of Rheumatology Criteria for the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia" to the back of the letter, correctly guessing that the Admin. Law Judge who decided my case would never have heard of FMS.
  3. Kathryn

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    Before I filled out ANYTHING, I went to every FM + SS site that I could find and wrote lengthy notes based on what I learned. There are several articles on the home page here that are very useful, especially anything by Scott Davis, but you will find several thousand more pages of valuable information if you go to a search engine (Google?) and type in "Fibromyalgia & SSDI" or something similar. I wrote all of my responses in a notebook prior to transferring them to the forms. I also re-read them a couple of times and then let them rest for a couple hours or overnight and read them again, making changes if necessary, before filling in the form. When they sent me a form for my neighbor to fill out, I gave him a "cheat sheet" of suggested answers that he put into his own words, including "How the **** should I know" when asked how I sleep or use the bathroom. You are now fighting a war. You are the commanding general and your symptoms are your troops. Use them wisely. Good luck!
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    I was sent a form that was to be filled out by someone who knew me well. Daily Living Activity form or something like that. This was the first time around, before I was denied.
    (Now I am appealing with a lawyer. )
    I also had to go back 15 years in my work history.
  5. Joyce1

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    for responses.

    i want to be honest when I fill it out. i hope that will be enough.

    I really don't think my doctor knows what i have. but she suggested I apply. No pain so no FM? just constant fight or flight - hypoglycemia from hell (i low carb). Is this an official disease>?

  6. dd

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    I read your bio and I see that you have panic attacks. Did you include that in your illnesses when applying for SSD? Just wondering because SSD seems...for some reason...to get approved using the diagnosis of panic attacks, depression, anxiety disorders more so than the diagnosis of FM/CFS alone. What did you list as your disability...it makes a difference.

    I was approved for SSD a couple of years ago on the first try with no lawyer. My disability that I listed was Panic Attack Disorder and Depression...both of which I have a long history of and my doctor backed me up with the diagnosis when SSD contacted him. I had not yet been dx with CFS or FM at the time...that came about 6 months after my approval.

    Also, I understand that you do not want to "lie" about your activities that you are able to do. What I did was use my WORST day scenerio and explained it all in detail of the things that I COULD NOT DO. That is so important.

    Keep copies of everything that you send to them...they are known for losing paperwork and that slows the process down.

    Oh, and yes, I was sent additional paperwork asking about my daily life. I sent them a copy of the first one that they had me fill out along with the new one that they sent me...which I made more detailed than the first...very long and very informative. I did not leave one single symptom out.

    Good luck to you. Let us know what happens.



    p.s. I also have Hypoglycemia but I am not sure that SSD would be approved on that dx alone.
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  7. Hasbeen

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    i know you don't want to lie. But you better strech
    the truth. I've been fighting these people for 2 and a half years. Panic attacks, depression and FM. I'm still fighting.
    But if they think you can brush your own teeth they think you can hold down a job. They don't give a rats butt about you. I don't mean to sound so negative but I've been around the block with these people for awhile. Just hang in there.
  8. elaine_p

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    It was hard for me to do this, and perhaps the reason I was denied disability. (If we are able/forced to work, then every day does become a bad day.)

    One thing I will do differently when I apply this time is that 1-2 days before any evaluation, I will push myself to wear myself out, so they can see the exhausted me, instead of the rested me.
  9. dacer

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    hi, it took me over two years, i finally had a hearing with a judge who flat out told me at the beggingnning there was no way he was gonig to give me disability. i had trouble with the bright lights so they had to turn them down and i was so upset i cried uncontrollably the whole time, and shook, and gagged. he at one pint asked me why i had my second child while i was sick, i had one when i first go t sick, then another a few years later, i said first that i may be sick but i would hope that i could sitll have some kind of life becasue i wasnt dead yet and then he asked again why i had the child and i said very angry : what! so i was supposed to have an abortion!!??!! is that what would have made you happy?? my life sucks enough! i guees i should have just stuck a gun to my head when i got sick." and within 45 minutes he was looking fo a place to put me in the disability. but i lost my backpay when my attorney got greedy and asked in writing for more money than the four thousand he would have been paid, and by the way he was on the case for four months and i did all the paperwork, so the judge screwed him so he got nothing but that happened to me too. i got my disabilty but not the back pay. dacer
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    That is what you should write, how you feel on your VERY WORSE DAY, I just had my hearing last Monday,(I don't have FM, my husband does)I have a liver problem and had emergency triple bypass surgery after a massive heart attack @54yrs. My attorney says you must remember how you feel on the worst of worse!!!Good Luck!
  11. Dara

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    truthfully, but as if it were on your very worse days. If you don't, they'll think you are able to work. When I had my doctor fill out a Functional Capacity Assessment form, she filled it out as if it were my worse day. Also, when they ask how many hours a day can you sit, stand, walk, etc., if the number of hours total up to four or more they assume you can work full time. I won my SSD after 15 months. I went through the first two denials, then I requested that the ALJ review my case without a hearing, which he did, and awarded me disability beginning on the first day I was unable to work. Good luck at this, it can really be nerve racking and stressful, but should be worth it when you win your case.

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    thnks for info.

    here goes........