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    Hi there-

    I am very close to applying for disability. In order to do so I am going to lose everything. My career, my house, and perhaps my husband.I feel the worst for the children as they lose it all as well. I feel like if I don't do it I will lose my health even more.

    I'm sorry for dumping all that but sometimes it helps. Anyway, I was wondering with the disability paperwork it asks you to put doctors down who have treated you. Right now, I am being primarily treated by one doctor. Should I put that doctor down or the doctors within the past year or all of the doctors I have seen since I became ill? I have seen Lyme doctors and I have seen doctors for Fatigue. The doctor I am seeing now is treating me for fatigue although he suspects I have CFID's he won't diagnose it because of the worry of me not getting insurance. I guess he will have to go ahead and diagnose me so that I can get the disability.

    Is it easier to get diability from private insurance than from Social Security?

    Thanks for the help on my questions. If you have any other advice on how to get disability please let me know.

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    Private ins. co. make you apply for ssd.It saves them money if you win your case.

    The amount you get from ssd is deducted from what they give you.

    For me the first year with the private ins. was fine.I received a letter from them that they were now denying my claim and say I am capable of working.

    They approved my appeal only on a mental disability not physical .Now they will only pay me for 2 years instead of 11 years.

    I hired a law firm and now have a civil suit against them.The firm is 100% sure I will win.Great but because the ins. co. were not believers nor there doctors that have never seen me do not believe in FM or CFS I will loose 40% of what I would have gotten to pay the law firm.

    It really does not matter cause I want them to pay.I want to prove they were wrong.I am also going public with a local news station when its all over.I just want people to know that the ins. co. play games.

    I was approved for ssd.I got a bench approval took me 2 yrs.Some get approved right away others have to fight for it.

    Hope this helps.Good luck

  3. glafdy

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    Hppeandme -

    I went through the disability process last year. I left work on Friday, Sept. 24, 04 and couldn't work one day more. My body had had it.

    Because I left work unexpectedly and without any surgery or accident, my short term disability had to be determined by a third party administrator. That company was Unum. It took about 3 months for them to approve my STD, but it was basically because my PCP didn't not send in my medical history. Unum was also the company that handles the LTD so once they approved me for STD, I moved right into LTD after I had been off 6 months.

    May 2005 I applied for Social Security Disability. I listed every doctor I had gone to for any physical or emotional problem for all the years. I had been fighting back pain from arthritis for 18 years, some of which stemmed from a car accident in 1965. I listed every doctor, every symptom. I also sent in any medical reports that I had in addition to what they requested from the doctors.

    I have quite a few medical problems plus depression, so my disability went through the first time. They never called me in to see their doctors or anything which really surprised me. Sept. 1 2005 my money was in my bank account.

    I consider myself one of the fortunate ones to have my disability go through so easily. I did get a few hints tho - I have a girlfriend that works for Social Security in California, and she said it is much better if you fill out the forms online (otherwise they have to type in all your handwritten stuff). Include as much information on each doctor (so they don't have to look up the address and phone numbers), every medical problem you have had, and how it affects you being able to work and being able to function at home. The more information to support your claim, the better.

    I did not send any letters from co-workers, family, or others that knew how my health affected my work ability or daily living. However, that is another thing you can do.

    It was very hard for me to make the break to go on disability. I had been at a job I loved for 25 years. Now that I am on disability, I realize I pushed my body too hard for too long, and now my body is paying the price.

    I wish you well in your decision whether to go on disability, and if you do, just don't be afraid of the process, just give them as much information as you can. The more doctors you have seen over the years, the more medical problems that have been diagnosed and treated, the better your chances are. Good luck.

  4. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    I have received the best possible information that I could have imagined.

    Thanks so much!

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