Disability Question---so close!!??

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    I am in the process of filing for disability---haven't worked in a year b/c of CFS/FM(diagnosed,)Graves Eye Disease,depression/anxiety, etc. I don't have a lawyer working my case but a representitive who used to work for the SS dept. and now helps people get their disability benifits--supposedly knows all the ins and outs and of course wants that 25% back pay fee, LOL! We were just working on tonight getting me set up for a private psychiarist to take those grueling 5 hour tests when I happened to mention the point system that disability is based on. He was assuming that I had enough points in the past 10 years but the fact of the matter is I worked in Home Daycare for 7 of those years--self-employed and didn't pay in any SS taxes b/c I wasn't in the large profit range. I did have some points for private care I did through the state for a disabled child. My representitive said tonight that I was 2 quarters away from the 20 points one needs to get disability ins. That means I'm at 19 and a half and need 20. How frustrating can this be??? He says he'll re-check his findings tonight and get back with me tomorrow. Has anyone else been in this type of situation. I've researched a bit on SSI but apparently need to do some more. Any help would be much appreciated---someone was saying something about articles right on this site? (((Hugs))) Cat
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    You need those stinking qualifying quarters to qualify for SSDI (Social Security Disability Income, or something). For people who don't have them, there's SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Of course, SSI benefits are lower than SSDI benefits.

    Near the top of the window are tabs labeled "Home", "Library", etc. Below that you should see a line of purple boxes labeled "Chat Rooms", "Message Boards".... To the right there's one labeled "Disability". You can go there to see if that will answer questions. You can also do a message search by typing "disability" in the Search Messages box. But in the past 6 weeks that I've been here, I don't think anyone's had the same issue as you do.
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    Thanx Elaine,

    I will check out the disability site up top and see if I can find any more info through the search area. I was under the impression that if my husband made too much $$ that I wouldn't qualify for SSI either but I'll check into it. This is one long, hard road and I want to thank you for your help and support. Have you been through the disability hearings? Cat
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    my first try. I submitted all the forms by myself and did not use a lawyer.

    Remember that your "representative" is not a lawyer and him charging you 25% sound fishy. That is what a lawyer gets, and he is someone who has had many years of college and training of the law. I would only pay a lawyer that fee--not some "rep" who supposedly knows the ins and outs--how do you know that for sure? I would call your local Social Security office and ask them if it is legal for a former SS employ to represent himself in this manner and charge that amount.

    I don't know what in the world you are talking about getting set up for a psychiatric appt. for those "grueling" 5 hr tests! I did not have to go through 5 hrs. of tests!

    I completed the SS application and submitted it. Later I received a notice for an appointment with a psychologist and one with a medical doctor. The psych appt took around an hour and the medical doc visit about 1/2 hr. No big deal. Nothing to worry about.

    Good luck.
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    oops! You're right. SSI is based on household income, so if your husband makes too much, you won't get it.

    I've been through the ALJ hearing and the appeal following that. Both were denied, though my lawyer thinks the appeal was *almost* approved because it took so long. We didn't appeal further because she says in this area, the Federal Circuit Court just rubber stamps the decisions made by the lower court. So I'm going to reapply soon. Thankfully I'm getting LTD right now, though getting that was also a challenge.