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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bjdd6069, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. bjdd6069

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    I just found out that the military thru VA is saying I am 70% disabled through all of the effects the Army did. Now, I want to know should I apply for SSD? Yes I have Fibro, tested positive in 16 points. Plus glacoma, and other things. Thanks for the input. BJ
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    Definitely apply for ss. If you receive $$ it will not make your va payments less. You can also get your meds thru VA at a very small copay. If you are 100 % disabled your meds are free. My husband was apprved for ss and them years later approved for va also.
  3. Joyce345

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    I would definetely apply for SSD! After all, if you served for our country and they said you have a 70% disability, I believe you have an excellent chance at getting your disability approved. Can't you use military lawyers to help you out? you also mught want to try the blue tab on disability at the top of this page. Good Luck!!

    Luvs & Hugs,
  4. bjdd6069

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    Doctors yesterday, my regular 3 month appointment. And she wanted to know why I wated to long in pain to come in to see her. I ended up getting Bilateral shots in shoulders and bilateral shots in hips, because the pain in the joints from the fibro was so bad. She even commented how bad I had fibro. So, now she schedules my appointments monthly. Well, I told he being in the Army if you had an appointment be happy you had one on ANY day and keep it. Don't mess around and loos that appointment day. So I just waited to see her. She also gave me some Tylenol-3, for nights, flexaril for days, and Arthrotec, guess that is suspose to be like celebrex. Yes I am still applying for VA medical treatments, but, I really want to keep my civilian doctor, she is to good to me. She really understands. Now to apply for SSDI. Thank you for the info. I will get a lawyer. No the military only helps with military issues, nothing civilian related. Bummer hey?
  5. bjdd6069

    bjdd6069 New Member

    bumping for more input please....

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