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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kriket, May 15, 2006.

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    Hey everyone, hope all of you are doing ok. Was wondering how many times they usually turn you down for disability. I am asking b/c my mom just got turned down for the second time. She has had 3 heart attacks,depression, and fibro. She has not been diagnosed with fibro. but I know she has it.

    Boy, they are really hard on you aren't they. Seems like you basically have to be nearly dead before they "consider" someone to be disabled. She desperatly needs it. She went through a lawyer this last time. The lawyer told her that they would try again, but this time from scratch. She had a couple of appointments with rather strange people asking her strange questions.

    I personally think that the government people have people woking for them that they send her to since she cannot afford to go to the doctor, and they send her to these appointments and rule her as not disabled. I dunno, something seems a little strange with these people that they line her up with, one even payed for her gas to go see this "certain" doctor.

    All he did was ask her ques. and would not let her say one word. This is really ticking me off. He said "I am here to interiew you and ask questions, not to answer questions or to listen." She is barely getting enough to even eat, why do they make it so hard on people?

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    What did you get your disability for?

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