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    Well, still waiting on an answer, nearly 3 years of waiting... anyway, I was denied and then filed an appeal and had a hearing back earlier this year. My attorneys office called to let me know that a decision was finally made a few days ago and that I would be recieving notification most likely within the next 30 days. I asked them if it was a favorable decision and they told me that they would not divulge the information to them, that it the judge had only made the decision and had handed it down to a "writer" or "rider" or something like that... I really didn't understand what they meant and my case worker wasn't there (apparently the attorney who was present at my hearing wasn't either, when I called back)... This firm has nation-wide commercials and pretty much are supposed to be very good at their job, but I had to do a lot of my own footwork with these guys. I am hoping something is finally happening with this. Has anyone ever been told this? Is this pretty much par for the course? In other words, does this sound like the norm where disability decisions are concerned? I feel like I might just scream sometimes waiting for an answer :( It's so hard on all of us knowing that we can't work all this time, but wondering what we're going to do if it doesn't pass... I know that God has taken good care of me and I should not worry, but the system really bugs me sometimes. Thanks for listening... er reading.
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    (Thanks for the *bumps* you guys!)
    I wrote this a couple weeks ago, and really no replies :( I really didn't word it correctly, I guess. The lawyer's assistant told me that the judge's office said that the decision has been made and that it was being "drafted" and they wouldn't tell my lawyer if it was a favorable decision or not. I suppose my question was mostly if this had happened to anyone else and if this is pretty common? I just figured that if it was favorable that they could have easily just told my attorney's office over the phone... and it's had me stressed ever since, of course, wondering if the appeal has been turned down and if I'll have to go through another nearly 3 years of this process again *sigh*... sorry to whine, it's just so so so frustrating!! I'm sure you all know what I'm going through... just needed to vent a little. I hired this firm because they are supposed to be in the top "disability advocates" in the country... and I've had to do so much of the *footwork* for my case and I'm just hoping that they live up to their claims and that I've not done all of this in vain. God bless you all and I hope this finds you all pain free this evening.
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