Disability questions - regarding your income level?

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  1. kinsie1

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    I am thinking seriously about applying for social security disability. Would someone explain to me what the difference is in just "plain" disability, and SSDI benefits? To get SSDI benefits don't you have to have a low family income? Can you get disability even if you're family income isn't extremely low? Does getting disability have anything to do with how much money you have?

    I have been off from work for a little over 2 years. I thought I would improve, and could go back to work maybe part time, but I haven't improved one bit. In fact, I am worse now than I was then. I was offered a job in the type of work that I have always done, but I honestly know that mentally, and physically that I am no longer able. They would expect me to be just like I was when I quit, and it would be very embarrassing as dull as I've gotten. I could never keep up that pace again.

    I have FM, osteoarthritis, and in the last year I have developed a chronic axniety problem. Sometimes, I feel like the rug is being pulled out from under me. I never dreamed I'd wind up like this!! I always thought I could just go out there and get a job if I wanted one. Oh yeah.

    I sure would appreciate your input on this subject. I know it's tough for us because we usually don't look as sick as we are.

    (My husband has terrible back problems. He was never able to get disability ( he tried about 19 years ago) we didn't stick with it long enough though. But, anyway, he does have a handicapped parking tag that his doctor ok'd. I hate to admit that I have been known to use it on days when I can hardly walk.)

    I've been on this message board for quite a few years, and have read many posts about disability. But, I guess I never thought it would apply to me.


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    Hi there,

    I see you have your explanation above but I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

    Remember all those deductions on your many paychecks that said part of your pay went to FICA? That was you purchasing a government disability insurance and/ or retirement insurance.

    It has nothing to do with what you have now. It has everything to do with what you paid into FICA on those paychecks.

    Do not confuse it with SSI or welfare. That is a totally different thing.

    The process can be long or short. I know a lady who was approved in 9 weeks! It took me 9 months. I read on this board about people who waited years.

    You need to get the process started.

    Apply online and wait for the response. If you are denied on the first try , then you appeal. It is not a hard process.

    If you are denied a second time then you immediatly re- appeal (do NOT reapply at this point, Re-appeal). Then you wait about a year for a hearing.

    You only have seven years after you stopped working to apply for this.

    Get the process started because at some point you may be very glad you did.

    Good Luck,

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  3. buttercakes

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    Hi Kinsie, I applyed for SSDI 9/08 and recieved my award letter last week, so it only took me
    4 months to be approved.

    I used Allsup, they helped me do all the paper work over the phone, I never even had to talk to anyone at SS, they made the whole process much less stressfull.

    I highly recommend Allsup, they were great!

    The worst part is waiting. Good luck and dont feel bad about applying, its your money that you paid into all those years you were working. Sandie
  4. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    Yeah....... I'll keep recommending Allsup, they are well worth it!!

    although, it would be nice to get paid for the referal, LOL Sandie
  5. kinsie1

    kinsie1 New Member

    I sure appreciate every one that replied. It has cleared things up for me. I'll look up Allsup, and contact them.

    Thanks again!!

    You all are the best!!


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