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    My disability claim is currently under "Reconsideration". I have had disability since 2007, they just reviewed me 2011 and decided I was well enough to do "some types of work". I appealed the reconsideration (meaning filled out the paperwork to do so.) so now is the last part of that reconsideration where I have a hearing before a disability hearing officer (not a judge). Any suggestions? Do i need an attorney - does it matter at this point? I read that they usually don't change their decision at this point and I will most likely have to appeal to have my hearing in front of a judge. So is it pointless to hire an attorney at this point? Any info would be Very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Check over what your doctors sent to SSA as one of your doctors may have indicated you have improvement--and you didn't even realize the doctor wrote that and he was incorrect. If he was correct, you want to find out who wrote what in medicals and then have the doctor that felt you could return to work write that his opinion is now updated to correct his prior opinion. that your disabilities preclude you from work at any position and provide test results to back up his opinion.

    Good luck.