Disability Retirement from the Federal Government

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    Hi all,

    Anyone have a personal recommendation for an attorney who can help me file the paperwork for a disability retirement under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) using my Fibromyalgia is the basis? I have 23 years with the government, am 52 years old, and I'm tired of pretending I don't ache or feel exhausted when I do. As most of you know, people look at me like whatever is wrong can't be that bad because I'm not moaning in agony every minute. I can't get another job at my pay grade because there are none, and my present job is excessively stressful and relentless. I've been in it for six years and it won't change (I'm sort of a city manager for two Army installations in Alaska). I have found several lawyers who have lots of experience with the social security administration, but my request will go to the Office of Personnel Management of the federal government. If anyone knows of a good attorney in this area, please let me know. Manythanks, Dan
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    Can any of the lawyers you've found recommend someone? Or at least tell you the category you could do a web search for?

    Sorry I'm not more help.
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    I'll give your suggestions a try, as I hadn't thought of doing that! Take care,
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    I don't know of any attorneys who specialize in federal disability, but I know of someone who might know. There was a National Association of Federal Injured Workers. They lost funding last year and no longer exist. The executive director was: Wil Clow from Oregon, phone (541) 472-9109. (I did spell his name right, it's unusual.) I talked to him a couple of times and he was helpful and gave me good advice. There is still a one-page web site for the National Association of Federal Injured Workers, just look it up with your search engine. Also, the Federal Guide or Federal Employees Almanac might have attorney ads or other helpful info.

    I've been on federal worker's comp (OWCP) since 1995, post-traumatic stress, due to the incident in Waco in 1993. I talked to two attorneys (both with OWCP experience) and they suggested I file it myself. I didn't like that idea, but that's what I ended up doing and it was approved some 8 months later. I was told that was fast for OWCP, as they are very difficult to deal with. I bought a guide book on OWCP and read everything I could find on the subject. Not easy when you're sick, but I just kept at it.

    After a year on OWCP, I was terminated from my job and then had to file for federal disability as a back-up should I become ineligible for OWCP. I filed that paperwork and expected them to request more, but they didn't and it was approved within 2 months. However, I assume that was because I was already on OWCP.

    The doctor's reports will probably be the most important part of the filing process. Also, having a doctor or doctors you can count on to do the reports and do them thoroughly can be difficult. My agency was NOT sympathetic with my illness and made things as difficult for me as they could. I had enough documentation however to refute things they said. Thank goodness.

    Hope this helps,

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    I really appreciate all the info. I wish you the very best of luck in the future!! -- Dan
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    Dan, thanks for the good wishes and best of luck to you also.

    Nink, Those are really good suggestions, should be very helpful in applying for disability and probably useful in other ways also.

    Love this site, so much good info!