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    I had my disability review mental evaluation today. I felt real bad because i had to take valium for the last day and 1/2 just to be able to make it thru my review. I Answered the best of my ability . I told her that i did struggle alot with panic attacks . And she asked why i did not see a therapist for this. I told her the last time i saw a phystrist and a therapist is when my stomach looked like i was ten months pregnant. And i had a total hysterectomy. Anyway i was wondering what else will they make me do i saw on some posts where they said they had to go for a physical ? The lady who was doing my review did not even notice if it was my first time applying and i told her that i had been on disability since 2004. I now i have to ween myself back down off my valium . just wanted to share.
    thanks crickett
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    Have you been on disability since 2004 through your employer?

    If that's the case, you shouldn't have any problem getting on SSDI, if you've been on a sick leave through your employer and it's running out and time to "transfer" to SSDI.

    Since this is your first application for SSDI, and you have just had your mental evaluation, you will still have a physical that they send you for, at least I had to do both.

    Good luck and hope you get a positive response on your first try!!