Disability...sorry I need to vent

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  1. MssDarla

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    I just want to cry
    I have received my first denial letter from SS.
    I called a lawyer but says I need a doctor to back me up. Now what?
    My regular doctor says " I don't do Chronic pain or SS" lol
    I haven't asked my RD doctor yet. I see him on the 29th but this is only my 3rd visit so I am worried he wont back me. Although he Diagnosed me and put me on AmbienCR and Mirpapex and Tramadol (3 times a day)
    jeeez Doctors don't give out these meds for no reason.
    I have been going thru this pain for so many yrs. I quit my job and moved back to Va and now I am in bed most of my days.
    What does it take for me to believed. I sure wish they would come up with a FM test. Some kind of proof.
    Now I have to file a appeal, I am not sure what to say in it. I have such brain fog.
    Anyone out there have any good letters of appeals I can read to guide me?
    Should I go see a psych. now?
    These all cost money that we don't have.
    any advice please?? its most welcomed

    Doomed I think
    Thanks all in advance
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hi Darla,
    Sorry that you're so upset! Almost everyone gets denied the 1st time out. How long ago did you 1st apply?
    Many people go thru the process for 1-2yrs or more. I think its pretty much built in to the SS computer system. A lot seems to be programed especially in the initial stages.

    Attempt to get as much Med. documentation as you going back as far as you can pointing to a consistant inability to function on a "normal" level in the work place. Many peo. on this website have experience in this matter and will be more than happy to share it! Don't get discouraged.
  3. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I am sorry you got upset with the denial letter. I have heard that most people are denied the first time.
    So, time for the appeal and rally the doctors on your side.
    When the next denial letter comes it--yes it is time to see a lawyer, so you will be represented for the Administrative Law Judge. Many cities have Legal Services, who will represent you for no charge.

    Good luck. Do not get upset: they will drag you through the mud to get you to give up, which is what they want.

  4. fmscfids

    fmscfids New Member

    It is totally normal to be denied at one's first attempt to obtain disability. The stories I could tell you! If you are under age 50, they are also more likely to decline, so you just have to appeal and appeal again. Most of the time, disability is won in the case of Fibro on other issues along with the FM...such as depression, other concurring conditions such as arthritis, at the point in time there is a hearing. There is no appeal letter per say, however there is a standard form to appeal....you ask them to send it to you, you fill it out simply...keep copies of everything and if possible, mail the appeal certified as they are time sensative. In my own case, it took several appeals, however I was finally awarded my disability after 18 months. It was retroactive going back 2 1/2 years at that point. As a rule, most attorney's do not charge unless they win your case and it's usually out of your retroactive money. In my case, after I finally won my case, pushing 2 years, the following April, the IRS expected their retroactive $ with PENALTIES, as I'd not paid it back when it was due(even though I hadn't filed, etc.) I was just a little shocked. Also, in my own case, when I looked over my records, 5 years afterwards, it was interesting to note that when I was initially turned down, it was based on the testamony of a doctor (?) who never had met or examined me (I'd never heard of this doctor). Your own doctor carries more weight in the end. It is a long process, unless you have a toe tag or are expected to die, they most always turn you down at least 2 times. They hope you will just go away. You must be persistant .... also, I've been reviewed several times afterwards, and so keep good records of your doctor visits, etc. I usually have sent them a copy of my current pharmacy records (which prove you are taking the meds)as well as current permanent handicapped parking, I even attached copies of my doctor visit receipts that have boxes marked with the medical codes as to the reason for your visit...ask your Doc for a copy of this when you go for an appointment...etc., they want to see paperwork that "proves" the pain, problems, etc.

    Basically without writting a novel, it would be hard to say exactly what you would write on appeal, except that you have to make it clear that you are in the type of pain that makes you unable to do your old job or any job in the national economy. But, be persistant, keep copies and check out this very website for articles by Attorney Scott Davis, you can even email him with questions, though he's a busy guy. In the end, I had to have an Attorney...I was fortunate that the hearing got cancelled due to a great letter that my specialist wrote and paperwork his nurse filled out. I have been with the same doc for 13 years now. Don't despair, just be persistant. There is also a book I've seen in the library about filing, you might want to check that out as well as the info on this website. Good Luck! You have to think more along the lines of "when", not "if" and do as I've mentioned.
  5. atiledsner

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    Bouble space between lines so to create paragrafts.

    Lots of people on here can't read long paragrafts not spaced.I usually just pass longletter types over.They are just overwhelming.

    I was turned down by SS the first time too.To appeal it I had 60 days to get an attorney. He took my case and only gets paid if he wins it for me.

    I have waited a year for the hearing, which is the usual period of time for an appeal in Alabama.

    An attorney handles all the letters of appeal to the courts.You tell your attorney what doctors you have seen and what medications you take .

    Be careful how you answer questions in writing. I stated that I closed my business and took care of my parents until they both passed.

    What i really did was stayed with my parents to be sure they got the care their insurances paid for.

    I was turned down for the statement that I had taken care of them until they passed.

    I hope this helps.
  6. 69mach1

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    check it out...

  7. MssDarla

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    Thanks all for the advise.

    I guess my concern is the fact that I move here to Va in Oct 2004 after quitting my job out of frustration in Sept.
    The brain fog got to me. What a shame the drs there didn't Dg me there and I could have gotten long term disability. But she didn't, she just gave me pain meds. but again I have no records of it. Except I did go to my insurance web site and printed out the Meds I was given. my only proof

    Then I applied for SS. The problem is the doctor from Nevada (where I moved from) says they can't find my records.

    So I am now starting over with Drs here in Va. And I don't feel they will back me up ( not knowing my past)Only seen the Rd dr 3 times

    I called a lawyer and they said to call them back when I have a dr to back me up.. (rolling eyes)

    Meanwhile I will file the appeal myself. and keep calling lawyers.

    I wrote an e-mail to Va governor stating how hard this is for fibro patients and something should be done to help. Not that I really think he will listen but I had to do it.

    I think the next step will be a shrink. I will need one soon anyways. I am getting more and more depressed.

    By the way this message board and the people here are awesome and thank you for being here.


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