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    How can I find a very good doctor that sympathise with me and understand that FMS is a condition that will keep you from working.He has suggested that I go to a therapy pool to work out which our part of the insurance will be $60 for EACH THREE sessions PER WEEK! We don't have that kind of money. I recently had an MRI and the results came back ok.
    So......WHY DO I HURT!!???

    Is there anyone outhere that can direct me to the proper doctor that can help me?
    I had even tried to go back to work, and that lasted only 4 days, and I had another relaspe.
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    Hi LivnLife - There are only two doctors in this area of Savannah. I've been to both. The first Dr told me to go a Psych Doctor, and there is where my questions will be answered. NOT! I am on Prozac - Ambien - Elavil -Tricor- Ultram - Flexeril

    I am now seeing a Pain Mgmt Specialist, and he just received the reports back from my MRI I had done. He says they are all FINE. Everything is 'FINE'. Except ME! I did try to go back to work a few months ago, but I failed all the tests and I was put on one easy job that I did for 4 days,and then I had a relapse.