Disability Won on ?????? How Many?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gmom605, Mar 28, 2006.

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    i won on anxiety/depression, but i do have cfs/fm

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    I spent twelve years battling with he VA for my benefits for FMS, CFS, RLS, etc., etc. and so on, all caused by the vaccinations given to me and many hundred thousand military personnel during the first Gulf War. Finally George W. Signed the bill admitting that all of these illnesses are considered to be related to the war. So in 2003 I finally got my 100% from the VA. I then went for my Social Security and I finally won that battle for the same diagnoses' in February of 2006. 3 years of long hard battles with the government that caused all of this in the first place. Thanks to the lawyer recommended here on this site Mr. Scott Davis and his awesome team of lawyers, we were able to build a case so strong that when the papers reached the final hearing judge, she ruled against the SS administration and ridiculed them for dragging me through the dirt for three years, when my case was so strong from the first day.

    If you have not gotten a lawyer, I strongly recommend that you do so and I am not ashamed to put a plug in for Scott Davis and his firm. They really do have the best track record for FMS/CFS sufferers. What ever you do, if you are unable to work or function during the day due to your illnesses, you must never give up. never let the Government beat you up and tear you down. It is their tactic to try to deny as many claims as possible for as long as possible, till forced to give in due to court rulings, especially when it is an FMS/CFS claim. With a lawyer, you have good strong backing and they will fight as hard as they can to win your case, as they do not get paid if you lose the fight. Also they can only claim a preset maximum fee that is no more than $5300.00 max no matter how long the case takes. I paid $4,900.00 for a three year long battle and I must say that it was worth every penny. Finally for anyone who does not now this. the money paid is taken directly from your settlement, so you don't have to pay anything to a lawyer up front. that is federal law!
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    It goes before the judge and if he doesnt sign it, I have to go before a judge. My advocate had a triple bi-pass and we are waiting for her to get better. I really need it. We are going for FMS but I have suffered from depression and panic attacks for yrs.

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  5. 69mach1

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    they have my papers goofed up...the important thing is i am getting my money and medicare benefits...

    i have requested the paperwork stating why and when i will be up for a review...they did verbally tell my i am up for review 11/08

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    I applied on basis of FM, CFS and Chronic Headache disorder. My award letter said I won on CFS. Even though the other illnesses were taken into consideration and equally disabling the judge had to "classify" it as an illness accepted by the SSA. I'm not 100% sure but I think I read that FM was only added to the list of acceptable illnesses by SSA very recently.

    But Congratulations to all that have been successful in their fight to receive SSDI, it can be a challenge and a struggle to win your case and is really a victory when you do win!!
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    They never told me what I got it on. I put down evcerything from FM to Depression to Vesticular Migraines and vertigo. Plus all my symptions. Whatever it was it worked on the first try. I also went to about 20 doctors and had numerious tests. So whatever the drs wrote worked.
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    CONGRATUATIONS!!! I'm trying to get disability because I've had 3 heart attacks (I'm) 52 and the last had to open me up for double by-pass. I should have tried earlier for FM I guess.

    Congrats Again
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    on Fibro and some compressed dics
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    bumped! for more replys!!!
  13. gmom605

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    First was about 1996 on memory loss. Second was for fms and lost that. I didn't persue it because doc found a med that worked. But I may have too now as I am getting worse.

    How do they determine how much you get?

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    I won on Fibromyalgia and CFS. I have both so I filed on both.

    Got my first rejection within three months of filing then appealed and finished sending in all the doctors reports and so forth.

    Got approved within 18 months of first filing. I did have an advocate which I think makes all the difference.

    I also think that being over 50, forced to quit my job(that I loved and had excelled in), and reduced to walking with crutches or a cane played a part in the decision plus the fact that everything was documented well by my medical team.

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    I won on chronic pain issues.SSA wanted me to keep picking one ailment but I had too many.I refused.I have FM,CFS,DDD,OA,depression,anxiety,MPS,chronic headaches AND migraines and ulcerative colitis.The 1st time around the judge said I had nothing wrong with me.When I had proof of all of the above.He got a personal letter from me after the first hearing.I told him to READ my medical records.
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    I think my disability was won on depression but can't remember. Doesn't that seem like the typical FM response!?!

    When I went before a judge (with the lawyer) he told me that emotional displays didn't work. He had one client who had crawled around on the floor and urinated on a chair like a dog. He didn't get his disability. Judge thought it was an act.

    I was so nervous I was sick to my stomach and hadn't slept in two days. Well, the judge and a doctor for the Social Security department were there. The doctor was soooo nice. But back to my saga.

    The judge asked me to relate what had happened to me healthwise. Just relating how my health had changed my life made me get VERY emotional. And the pain in one leg became excrutiating. I started reaching down and rubbing my leg vigerously. The doctor got very adjutated and concerned. Looking back I think she thought I was going for a concealed weapon. She looked under the table real quickly to see what I was doing.

    Well, I got so upset I had a panic attack. I forgot I was before a judge and I stood up and started fumbling in my jacket pocket for tissues to blow my nose. There again, the doctor got very concerned and she also stood up and started consoling me. I must have scared them to death.

    I was dismissed from the room and at this point I thought my lawyer was going to be really upset with me. I had totally lost it!
    When I received my letter in the mail the judge said I was treated very unjustly and went all the way back to my original date of application for the amount owed. Hire a lawyer from the get-go. It is really worth it. sevenup
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    about 4 yrs ago. Solely the Fibro.
    It took about 2 years though.

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    Hi Gmom: Must mean grandmom???? I am too x4 and a half!
    I won my disability on fibromyalgia about 3 years ago. It was a fight. In fact, I gave up once and then retried with an attorney and an independent exam by a doctor certified for disability exams. It took 2 years, but it was worth it in the end. The main thing that made all the difference for me was finding a good, experienced in fms attorney. I contacted fms network for a referral, and the one in my area was excellent. He won several cases.
    It's wonderful to win at anything with a dis-ease like this.
    way to go.
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    I am just filing for it now.And its VERY scary.To depend on someone else to live,eat,bills,meds.If I think about it too much I get panic attacks!!
    Take Care

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