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    I am new to the message board and have posted once before.
    My question is I have been diagnosed in Phoenix in 2000 with CFS. Positive ebv and cmv. Also, I was dx with narcolespy and hypothroidism. I have worked for 20 years and last August moved to Tucson and husband was deployed I did not get a job right away because we were buying a house. (another move I handle) Husband was deployed 3 days after the first move, so I was left with the unpacking. Anyway my question, I had a flair up in July - swollen glands, sore throat, headache etc. The doctor I see is a 1 year intearn and I sometimes have to see another dr.. I sleep for at least 16- 20 hours a day. When I went to see him I asked if he would support a SSID claim and he said that the cfs was in 2000 and I would need to go to other dr to support the claim. Even though I was dx with narcolepsy my sleep studied were not a true reading for narcolepsy. I would fall asleep within 2 minutes when I had the multiple sleep latent tests. They made me take them twice because the 1st time I was on Zoloft and the doctor said it may interfere with reading and to stop taking and get retested. So I will be seeing a pulmonary dr in November and pyschist and an endo dr. After this he may support my DX of Chronic fatigue. Would you change doctors? I never though I would be applying for SSID so I did not get copies of my records. How long will SSI want records from? How long leagally do doctors have to keep records? When I 18 I had a simple umbilical hernia repair and the doctor left metal stitches inside that made me get gangrene which I carried in my system for a year. And had 5 more Surgeries to clean out the infection. Please advise on some of my questions.
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    I honestly don't think I can answer all of your questions, but I'll give my best to the ones I feel I can, ok? Hopefully, others will come along and add as we go along.

    A doctor's office has to hold on to records for 10 years-at least that's what I had to do as a school nurse. It was required by the state, and I'm assuming it is nation-wide. After that, good luck finding out anything that wasn't on micro-fisch or computerized.

    Disability will go back to the first day that you said you were unable to work. They also do a history of your employment. When I applied, mine went all the way back to the first day I started working, right out of nursing school. The funny thing is, THEY knew more about where I had worked then I could even remember myself. They already have a lot of your w2's from your work histories.

    It wouldn't hurt at all to include ANYTHING that you feel is pertanent to your case, even if it does go back to when you were 18. Just make sure you have documentation to prove it. They are more interested in what your docs say now than anything else.

    A very important lesson I have learned in this year+ fight that I have been through, is that you have to let your doctors know that you are applying, and make sure that they are documenting EVERYTHING everytime you see them, that would help your case! Some docs are horrible about putting down simple things that could actually help you win your case.

    Good luck and I hope you get more info here than I was able to give!! PG
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    You still have your records from your last doc. See if you can get him to write a letter for you.

    Tell your new doc that you need to be refered to a rheumatologist for your already diagnosed conditions. It sounds like this guy doesn't want to get involved.

    Med students have their place in this world but it's not with people who's health is as bad as ours. they just don't have the real world experience to handle it effectively.
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    Thank you for your information. When I signed up for tricare I actually listed a different doctor, but they have you see the med student first and after that you can see the dr you requested. Do you think I should see the primary doctor at the clinic (and ask this dr based on history if she would support the disability) or continue with the med student? Or have them refer me to another primary doctor - the problem is the med student is in the process of 3 referrals to specialists and I am afraid if I change my prime doctor with tricare I will not be able to go to these 3 new drs.