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    GOOD MORNIG ALL..just had a question, has anyone here heard of a on the record decision ? I have a phone appointment with my attorny in a few days, and was wondering if any one here has went this way? from what i gather this should speed up my appeal. thanks for any info in advance...=) BEEN WAITING SOOOOO LONG!!SHE SAID ITS STILL 6 TO SEVEN MTHS OUT!!..GEEZ THAT WHAT THAY SAID LAST TIME I SPOKE WITH THEM.IVE BEEN DENIED TWICE AND UNENPLOYED NOW FOR 4 YEARS SURE WOULD BE NICE TO GET MY DISABILITY SOON.....
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    Hi saw your post and thought I'd offer what worked for me. I really didn't have to wait as long as it normally would have been because of this.

    I wrote a letter explaining my situation to my Congressman's office. A "Constituent Services Specialist" called me right away and was so helpful. I also had a letter from family member who had seen all the differences in me since this dd. This man was able to get my case looked at and the judge approved it without a hearing based on the evidence and the sincerity and consistency of these letters.

    You can do a search of my username and find the letter I wrote to him if you like.

    Hope this helps. Keep up the fight! I'll include you in my prayers!
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    hi and thank you so much for you help in this mater. having a problem finding this letter, is it in one of your posting? I DID A SEARCH OF YOUR NAME AND ENDED UP BACK HERE..LOL IM CONFUSED COULD YOU HELP ME FIND IT? I WANTED TO WRITE MY LETTER TODAY!!...HUGS ONNAROLL