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    hello out there. wanted to know if any one from california has had any luck getting disability for fibo? i can't count on being to work everyday, pain to much sometime and a lot of headaches. Can it be done without a lawyer?
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    My SIL was able to get disability for the fibromyalgia she also has DDD. She was about 41 when she got disability.I know she went before a judge and she got it for the fibro first.
    Her mother went with her to help her. I know my SIL had it really bad at one point. She left her stove on and almost burned the house down with her 6 year old in it. This was documented by the fire department. She has extreme fibro fog and forgetfulness. (We all have been there for sure)

    I cannot count on being at work everyday either. From what I gather, you need to have something else wrong with you not just the fibro, perferrable mental like depression.
    Good luck to you!
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    Please, please put SSDI in the search box by topic....you'll get a lot of great help.

    Also, search fibrohugslife by username in search area: I've typed up so much stuff, can't do it again, my hands would die, and along with a dead body, don't think I could take it LOL

    Good luck,perservere, work until fired, make sure boss(es) document problems with pain and cognitive difficulties, including "lability"...i.e., falling into tears!

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    whil you are apllying...i a tired tonight and hurting so i really am not thinking all to well

    disabilitysecrets.com...read please...

    i advise this so many times....

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    I live in California and I have had FMS and RA, and a long list of problems for 10+ years. I have been fortunate and have only had to use the state disability insurance (up to one year) a few times. It is only about HALF of my salary each week, but I also have a good disability program through my employer (a large aerospace company). We are able to "buy" extra disability insurance through work, and I have 70% of my salary for life. It costs very little each month (maybe $15)...and is worth it for my peace of mind, if I ever need it.

    I believe that having a dx of ONLY FMS (who does) would make it more difficult to get SSDI on the first try, but if you have the list of other issues that most of us have, and they are documented by your doctors, you could probably get it. I think that others here have not listed FMS FIRST...but something else like RA, DDD, mental disorders, etc.

    Good luck.

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    It depends how man tests,I had several doctors come to the conclusion of Fibro.2 internists,1 neurologist 2 rheumatologist and an orthopaedic surgeon.Hope this helps.Linda
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    I'm from Az, and I got an attorney at the administrative hearing stage, since ssa denied me two times. Friends told me this is common, although, I have heard people file on their own and beat the system. Not sure about Ca law. I did not word my application correctly, that is key!

    My attorney told me it is not so much the name of the illness or illnesses, but the limitations that tell ssa or a judge why you can not work.

    My Judge asked me a question, and I starting balling like a big baby. The hearing took about 5 minutes. lol! The Judge had already made his decision.