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    For those of you who have gone through the process can you tell me about your experience? How difficult is it, do you have to remain employed throughout the application, what is involved?

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    "mr. toads wild ride" (Disneyland)
    anyway- my experience was terrible. denied, appealed, denied!but i had a terrible judge and mine was for State disability not social security disability-
    I didn't have enough work credit therefore "they" are really stingy.
    **you file at the Social Security office near you.
    you will have alot of paper work.
    1.gather ALL your medical info. include x-ray reports etc.
    2.get your doctors to write personal letters to the Judge
    (but give to you to submit)
    3.no, you don't have to be working, you count that as the first day of disability.
    4.you will have to be seen by "state disability doctors"
    (also a pain)
    5.it can take a year or two- START NOW !!
    6.you can use a lawyer- who get paid after you get approved.
    they take a percentage of your appointed amount, one time fee)call around, they can't take more then $5,000. of your total amount. its a one time fee.
    7.go to all your doctor appts. and all court dates.
    I was told to continue No Matter What....
    remember, it can be very tiresome, but worth it if you win.
    So, hang in there, don't give up!
    I am not the best person to answer you, but at least its a start.(I was awake anyways)
    -ALL the Best to You- :)
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    and you will find a wealth of info. Good luck