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    I'm pretty newly diagnosed , and a retail manager...with four kids, two in college.
    i'm scared to death about not being able to work anymore. is this a given? does everyone with fibro end up disabled?

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    My mom (Age: 71) has FM and I have CFS. Based on what I've read, they have a common cause. I found that we both have Epstein-Barr virus. We are treating with Transfer Factors from Prohealth, Olive Leaf Extract, ALA and C.
    We are getting better.

    Your next step is to find out the root cause of your FM. See FM as a symptom, not as the problem. Find a D.O. or N.D. in you area that specializes in FM / CFS.

    Your recovery time is based on finding your root cause and boosting your immune system. Your body heals when it rests, don't use caffiene too much or you'll run down your adrenal glands.

    Bear Hugs!
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    It sounds like you're not too bad off, right now, if you're still working. Go to "what worked for me" and start going through what people have done and start doing them now: supplements, dietary changes, drugs maybe, etc. I have cfs and was bedridden for about 3 years but I'm on my way to being cured now using only diet and supplements. The biggest changes you are probably going to have to make are food and what chemicals you put on your body (cosmetics, lotions, etc).

    The body gets over-toxified and can't clean itself out properly or fast enough. Then different systems in the body start failing. This includes digestion and absorption and so you get malnourished. Then it's one big domino effect. This may start with an infection or chemical exposure or just plain bad lifelong habits. If you have 4 teens, you will over-exert yourself trying to change them into health food nuts so don't worry so much about their food just yet, just worry about yours. Plus you'd go broke trying to buy enough healthy food for 4 teens.

    Cheap food in boxes is killing all of us kind of like smoking, taking years and years. If I had teens to deal with plus cfs, I'd be dead or they'd be in foster care! Hats off to you! good luck karen