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  1. Five0

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    I am going in front of the social security judgein Febto finally see if they find me disabled. Fm is not the main reason for the disability, bu my lawyer is going to mention that I suffer from this disease. Has anyone else used this disease as as a secondaryreason for disability benefits. I have been suffering from FM for 5 years. I have two doctors stating that i have it, but I don't know if they will recognize this in the state I live in. I am just curious if other sffrers have been denied benifits, and if the social security admin even recognzes this as being a legitamate disabling disease.
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    Dear, read JoeB7th's disability thread that I just answered...

    And yes, you should make SURE FM is discussed, the sleep problems, the pain, the brain problems. They are very important, no matter what your other diagnoses or whether it is "recognized" in you state...

    S.S. is federal, and they surely do recognize it.

    Do a search here, also, for suggestions about disability filings and hearings, ok?

    Best to you, too!
  3. claudiaw

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    I filed for disability for FM and won.
    I too went before a judge with my advocate ( not a lawyer, but worked for SS at one time).
    I was told by other's I would only win on depression, not FM.
    They were wrong!:)
    FM is my main problem so that is what we fought for.
    Discuss ALL problems, hopefully that you have backed up with medical record's.
    Best wishes to you.
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    I won my case on fibro solely. The whole thing was the worst time of my life and the hearing was the biggest con, you could see that the lawyer and the judge had something going, I guess the lawyer gives him a cut. They just went through the motions.
    I was very disappointed though because I had gotten the lawyer because of advice I read but he turned out to a real creep and he got my money. I didn't know that their was such a thing as "advocates".
    Good luck!!!
  5. suzetal

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    They have certain guide lines they follow but each Judge is different.If its STD ( State Temp. disability) some states have it .STD is governed by the State you live in if they have STD.

    I won on FM and Depression secondary.I wanted my Lawyer to make sure that I was there due to FM .Because that was why I was there.Depression came after I could no longer handle the pain that FM caused.

    Here in RI we have STD and I also had that for almost one year.I applied for SSD after I was approved for STD I applied in my 6th month because I knew I was in for the long hall .

    Good luck

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