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  1. Cyndi40

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    I just had a question regarding disability...

    I filed 3 years ago and was turned down. I then obtained a lawyer and appealed and I had a hearing back in May of this past year. The judge told me that he'd make a decision in like 30 days. I heard nothing for months. I have been told that the judge made a decision by my lawyers, several times. I was told he sent it to be drafted. Then I was told he signed it. However, everytime they call, they say they called the hearing office and that I should have my letter in the mail "next week".... "next week" comes and there's nothing again. GRRRR (sorry, it takes a lot to make me go GRRRR LOL). What would you do? What have you done? I am so frustrated. It's beyond me why it has to take so long. Anyone else in my situation? And would it be really bad etiquette to call the hearing office myself? Or should I just let my lawyer handle it and stay out of it? I am completely beyond frustration right now. Sorry, I'm whining and rambling today... I am sure I'm not alone.
  2. Seascape194

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    This also happened to me. If you were on social assistance benefits and are now getting a federal benefit they may be trying to get the numbers for payout from the social assistance agencies. That held up my settlement for 8 months (I had $30,000 coming to me). I created a major stink, had my lawyer look into it and threatened to contact the Attorney General if it was not resolved within a reasonable time. I received an interim cheque for $5,000.00 within a week, and by doing the legwork of taking paperwork back and forth from one office to another on a broiling hot day, got the figures to where they needed to be and received the balance of $8,000.00 two months later.

    The system sucks no matter where you live. Call your local representative, the media or anyone else that comes to mind. There is no fair way to settle this.

  3. Cyndi40

    Cyndi40 New Member

    Thank you seascape for your response... the thing is that my lawyer doesn't know what the decision is... I might have even been turned down. It's just soooooooooo frustrating!! I know I keep using that word, but it is the only one I know to use right now. I just hate that apparently there has been so many who take advantage of the system that those of us who need it have to go through this kind of mess to receive help. I don't know what I would do right now without a loving family and group of friends... and God taking care of me. It's really sad that it takes so long to get help. :( I'm so glad you got something done in your situation!!! It's amazing how many people seem to have lawyers and end up doing their own legwork *sigh*
  4. Cyndi40

    Cyndi40 New Member

    Thanks for the response... I don't mean to sound dumb,
    but... How do I find this information? Do they act pretty fast once you inquire?

  5. sfrazier

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    The first time applied and had my court hearing i had no problem calling the hearing office. in fact i called three or four times. i was quite the pest but i found out real quick that i had been denied. now real quick in the disability language is 3 months so remember that but yes you can call the hearing office.
  6. Cyndi40

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    Skeesix and Sfrazier... thanks for the info...
    you know... it's so very nice to be on a site that doesn't come back with "wise crack" remarks to someone who doesn't quite understand the system and asks questions. Obviously, I've been made to feel stupid before (I guess it's obvious anyway lol). Thank you all for your kindness to me in answering my questions.

    I'll do what you suggested, Skeesix... it seems simple enough. I went to another site that I'm not sure I can list on here, so I won't... but I saw where someone had only been waiting like 3 months and was extremely upset. I have been waiting for well over 3 /12 years and had been denied, appealed and through a hearing and the advice that she was given was paragraphs long with form after form after form... it overwhelmed me just reading what they had told her to do.

    I hired a firm way back after I was turned down. They have made me feel that I shouldn't call the hearing office or contact the judge in any way, so I'm kind of at a loss here. It's so not fair what is going on for people who are really ill in this world (sorry to sound aggravated, been dealing with a few days of pain again over the weekend and kind of not in the greatest way today).

    I'm sure there are people in worse shape than I am in, and I really, really feel bad for complaining when I think of it that way, but pain is pain and well, the bottom line is that, like most of you, I cannot hold a job down right now... I'd be fired within the first few days. I think I took my health for granted and I'm sad that I did.

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