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    i ve been told that i might could get disability but im not sure. what kind of health problems do you have to have? i have diabetes,asthma,c.o.p.d.,apnea,degenerative spine,possible heart problem with many other smaller things going on. i dont want to embarass myself by trying to get something they may not think i need. i cant do much with out breathing problems affecting me and my diabetes is causing other problems right now. any advice would be helpful! thanks
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    Hi Lucy,first of all it's not what they think you need ,it's what you think you need. What can you do ? Can you work outside the home. Can you carry on a full time job.How bad is your C.O.P.D.,or your spinal problenms. Stop worrying about what they think and do and extensive evaluation of all your illnesses. What you can and cannot do and for how long can you do it. ect. Ask yourself these kind of questions and the answer to your question will follow. Good Luck Danisue