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    Hi guys I have been gone from the board for awhile.I am not doing so good.i have had 2 falls and my familiy is still in disaray form the death of my sister and the ongoing things with my father.I have just gotten over the worst part of the ---- FLU and am feeling ok.I am increasingly becomeing more depressed and at a stop in what to do about the job situation.I my pain is so bad that I now have restless arm syndrome.I wake up and my arms are vibrating.I know this may not be a true syndrome but that is what restless leg syndrome feels like and I have that periodically.I am scared,crying,and don't know who to talk to about getting disability or not.I mean obviously I can type but to do normal things around the house I have to do them in time intervals--15 min here sit get on the heating pad,get back up do another 15 min then get back on heating pad or take a epsom salt bath.I don't know sometimes it just seems to much.I have been unemployed for 10 months and have no health insurance.I am applying for job--part time ,full time and I'm getting no where.My doc has got me on oxycodne now and she has written a letter stateing my limitations.What to do???? Is anyone out there going thru this.I know what I need and that is another Spinal Fusion or even back surgery.I'm sure the drunck driver feels nothing,when I feel everything
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    Sorry to hear that you're in such a dilemna. This may not help, but since the recession started, many people are (or were) in the same boat you are. That includes me, and it wasn't fun.

    Getting Soc Sec Disability isn't easy and can take a year or two to get a decision. Any doctors you list on the application will be sent a questionnaire, asking them exactly what you can and can't do (how long can you sit, how long can you stand, how far you can walk, etc). So first you should talk to each doctor to see if they support your decision to file. Plus Soc Security will request your records from each doctor.

    You will be sent a questionnaire asking similar questions about your health problems. Include everything that affects your ability to work. But you had to have seen a doctor about each ailment you list. Soc Sec will not just take your word for it.

    Other than that, have you talked to your state gov't about getting health insurance and any other benefits?

    Hang in there,
    Donna M.