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    We are applying for ss disability for our daughter age 27 with severe MCS. We live in the NW FL area and wanted to know if there are any recommended attorneys and doctors that will assist with this.
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    I know that attorneys frequently mention NOSSCR and you can read below about them. The attorneys who join represent not only in the SSA system but also if the case goes outside SSA and into the Federal Court System (that's good to know because not all SSA attorneys represent in Federal Court).

    Another that has been used by people here is Allsup and here is a site to read about them.
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    I represent people that have been denied disability. If your daughter was denied and you are waiting for a hearing, disabilityrepresentation.net I will not charge as much on back benefits as a lawyer and may be able to hurry the case along...
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    Note, I am in the northwest florida area closed to Pensacola.
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    Why would you want to hire an attorney. You will have to pay him part of your daughters disability for over a year. I filled out my own paperwork from the state and got my back pay check 6 months later and have been getting disability and SSI for 20+ years, When you are really disabled and have it documented they cant turn you down.
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    Unless it is cut and dried, a representative that knows his stuff should be retained. The judges do not give the weight to a non-represented person. However, initial applications do not need this representation at the state level.
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    Severe MCS should not be denied by the State.