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    Well I have my phone appointment next Tuesday - I'm really axious about this. The good news is that I am in therapy and my counselor fully supports my applying as does my regular doctor. I also have seen a rheumatologist since I last posted - lucky me had all 18 pressure points hurt. My therapist says she doesn't know how I've coped with everything as long as I have (the fibro, leg/foot problems, and work stress that finally resulted in the breakdown in May). So wish me luck - although from everything I've read we'll most likely be getting a lawyer also. Thanks and I"ve learned so much from you all.

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    Everyone at SS that I spoke to was extrememly nice and very helpful. Dig through the articles and SS info on this site and read everything that Scott Davis wrote. It might even be helpful to buy his booklet. It's small, but only about $8, and WELL worth the read. What you need to prepare for is the truck load of forms that you will receive in the mail. Photocopy EVERYTHING!!!!!! You will receive more forms later, and you will want your answers the same so you don't confuse anyone. I wrote all my answers in a notebook first and then copied & corrected on the form. Do not be afraid to call your local office & ask for more time to do them. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the insight. I think I will call tomorrow and see if I can postpone the phone appointment for a couple weeks while I get everything in order. You guys are the best here.

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    the phone appt. is nothing. I was so nervous had all my forms filled out, (I had them already) and they didn't ask me anything on them. Just the basics, along with where I lived, house, apt. directions, how many cars do I have, how do I pay my bills, she thought I should apply for SSI also as I had no income or she might not have asked the last questions. When did I become disabled. I gave her a date and my "story" about why I came up with this date and she put an earlier date! I said " but I went to school during that time", and she said if they want to change it they can, but best to put the oldest date possible.
    Really it lasted 10 minutes or less, and they didn't ask my anything on the loooong green form that asks your life history! So I guess I wouldn't hold off the phone interview if possible. You will get time after to answer the forms and can ask for more time later. It is such a long process and you want to keep the ball rolling.