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    Hi everyone.I got my disability letter yesterday and I was approved,all your prayers and God you just don't know how thankful I am.I'm so excited zi don't know what to do first.I will say this if you are denied the second time write your state congressman.I wrote him and told him how sick I have been in the last 3 years and what has been going on.It say I had severe anxiey and bulging disks that are bad I didn't know anything about that.I have had a sever kidney infection so we though that is why my back is hurting where my kidneys are.They didn't recognise the fm they said I had somotaform which is going to the doctor all the time and it was in my head, but anyway I got it,
    it took me 1 1/2 years to get it.I was waiting for a court date so now I don't have to go.So can anybody give me some advice of what to do next.My husband is worried that I have to be dropped from his insurance but I don't think so.
    So I would appreciate some in put.
    Thank you for all your support and God Bless Everyone and if your applying for this Do Not Give Up!!!!
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    where are you from?i also have applied and i am very very nervous.i have been denied.so now it is in reconsideration.i have lupus,fibromyalgia,which the lupus has attacked my organs .i had heart failure and it shut my kidneys down.when you were first denied did you get denied again or ?DID YOU GO TO THEIR DOCTORS.if you would send me your e-mail so we could talk..
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    from your husbands insurance, I really doubt it. In fact, I think they are not allowed to drop you. After you are eligible for Medicare then you should be able to get a medicare supplemental insurance policy from his insurance company also. I'm assuming he's on a group insurance plan through his employer?? They aren't allowed to drop anyone for disability, just like they can't drop you for a pre-existing condition.

    Then again, I don't know if each State is different or not. I would contact his insurance carrier and find out. If you aren't satisfied with their answers you can always call your State Insurance Commissioner to find out what is and what is not legal in your State.

    Again, congratulations on receiving your approval. I know when I got approved I was actually shocked, had to keep re-reading the letter to be sure I was reading it correctly.

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    Hi JoJo and all, (Sorry this is so long)

    I was just approved for SS Disability last April/May, received award letter in June, stating I had been eligible for medicare as of the previous March. That, I knew nothing about. I have cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis, an impinged nerve in the neck, Fibromyalgia, degenerative spine issues, overactive bladder, and an all over mixed bag. I also have recurring urinary infections, and microscopic blood shows up.

    My husband is working and has deducted from his pay, medical coverage for me; for a healthy sum of money each month, in a group health plan. Medicare does not provide any prescription drug coverage, as most of us may or may not know, although I think they do help with diabetic supplies, but I am not sure of that.

    As I have found to be true, those on disability do not have to have Medicare if they don't want it. You can waive that portion of your disability if you choose (Part B), and you won't receive any penalty for doing so later on down the road if your husband should retire "providing you were covered in a group health plan." So sayeth Soc. Security. However, if the coverage your husband has on you, is NOT through a "group health" plan covering at least 100 others, and you later on want Medicare, then you would get a penalty for having waived the Part B. SS told me Part A comes with the disability, and it isn't an option to waive that.

    If your husband's insurance covering you IS with a group health plan covering 100 or more individuals, you can keep the Medicare Plan B portion, if you choose. You will get a bill from them for the Part B, and I think it comes every three months. OR, it can be deducted automatically from your monthly benefit. Since I didn't know anything about having Medicare in the first place, didn't know anything about Medicare at all, (I had been asking continually for information and didn't get it) they sent me a bill and I nearly went ballistic. So in your circumstance, you may not get any bill if they deduct for it regularly from the monthly benefit to start with.

    If your husband's insurance is with the group health plan covering 100 or more, you can keep the Medicare coverage if you want it. Your husband's employment insurance would be the Primary and Medicare would be the Secondary.

    The key thing to remember is, your husband's employment insurance must be a group health plan, covering at least 100 people. That is direct advise given to me by Soc. Security Medicare Dept. at their 800 number.

    Again, I apologize for this being so long folks. What I've experienced thus far with the back benefits check, the monthly benefit, the many blunders made in my particular case, has just been one wild ride of inept performance on the part of Soc. Security. I realize I'm not the only toad in the puddle, but the blunders which have occurred are flat out inexcusable. We're sick enough, disabled enough to begin with and don't need to be run up flag poles repeatedly.

    Hope this helps JoJo. Perhaps will help others as well.

    Take care,