disabilty hannah afraid?

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    Why did Allsup say you were not a candidate for disability? What were your diagnosis and how old are you? What state did you live in?
    I have heard this lately and I use them so that is one reason I am asking. Another is for you, what is freedom disability?
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    What is Allsup I have seen this come up in a couple of postings? Is it like a big Law Firm for disability? Are you on disability? If you don't mind me asking what State are you in and how long did it take you to get disability if you are?


  3. hensue

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    Allsup is a company that represents you. If you go to message board you can click on Disabilty and they can tell you a lot more than I can.

    A lot of people have been approved by allsup, some have other problems than fibromyalgia.

    Post this topic disability for fibromyalgia on this board and other people who have gotten it on this board can tell you.

    Some went thru Allsup some did not

    Take care
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    Thanks for the info. I was just curious cause I had come across the name so much people using it in there messages. I had a feeling it was a company that represented but was not sure.

    Thanks Again,
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    I had applied with Freedom Disability and had everything going right and then didnt get my paperwork in on time (it was around the holidays and it just got away from me with the depression)... so I just got the paperwork out again... hope it turns out well.. was dx'ed with bipolar 2 since also... so hopefully I will get in first time around... had a lawyer working from disability digest call but I wasnt home and figure one agency at a time LOL