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  1. allhart

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    i went to the 3rd disability dr on tue ,of couse he didnt check for fm like the judge told me he would,insted i was put threw a horrible exam where he actually pushed me and moved me in postions my body was unwilling to go on its own it was so bad ,that the pain got so bad from him forcing things i actually vomited! its two days later and i still can hardley move and am still nauses,but the thing that realy realy botherd me is him mesuring my thighs well i was just wearing a gowned and paties and noone eles was in the room!dose anyone have any idea why he would messure me like that?ive never had a dr do that and ive seen more then i can count!im 55 and weigh 93 pounds according to his scale so i dont think he was messuring body fat,this dr realy did things that were uncalled for any advice please,
    ps he also asked me if i had any other mental condtions besides fm ![This Message was Edited on 02/13/2003]
  2. phenom

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    any other MENTAL conditions? i'd laugh if i wasn't just about to cry!

    i'm sorry you had to go through that....as with the measuring, i have no idea why there was any need for that at all and i wouldn't be hesitant to report him.

  3. hideycat

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    You have been through it!

    What they test for and ask about for fm is unreal.

    I passed the test casue I could say the alphabet and count backwards!
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    tell someone about him measuring your thighs..Awhile back, I had posted about a Disability Dr. that I went to..He made me get completly undressed and wanted to do a pap test on me after I told him I should had one the month before..He also did check my breasts..WELL I NEVER FELT SO SICK IN MY LIFE..A few months later, he made the front page of our local newspaper, he lost his license for violating women's rights..He was sued by a few..I did tell my lawyer at the time, and also contacted Social Security, no one seemed to care, and at the time I was STUPID BIG TIME, I was just so worried about my disability, I didn't take it any further..He also did not have a nurse in the room..
    Just reading that he asked if you had any other mental problems besides the FM makes me sick to the point of wanting to slap him!!!!!!!!
    I would definetly complain to SS!!!!!!!!
    If I had to do it all over again, the dr. I had would not have got off that easy..Part of my diagnosis was my bad depression and I just didn't have the strength to fight at the time..
    Did you actually "throw up" in his office, if so, too bad you missed his face!!!!!!!
    And why in the world was he putting you in different positions..Sounds like a "sicko" to me.........
    Take Care..............Love, Donna
  5. tandy

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    to deal with his stupidity!! Any other mental illnesses other than FM!!!I would have said"Well,once in a while I get a very strong urge to do physical harm to another person....would that be a mental disorder?" wait...I think I feel it right now~ LOL
    I totally don't understand the need to measure your thighs either!! I've had my legs length measured,to see if they are the same length,cause if their not then they could blame alot of your pain on that finding~ I can't believe the sh*t we have to got thru!! I can only say I am sorry you went thru this......And if and when you go before the judge,I would tell him(if given the chance)that the drs examination threw you into a major flare~
    Warm regards,
  6. Bellesmom

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    My suspicion is that most of these doctors who do disability exams find that it is "easy money" because the one who did my disability exam was a urologist studying to become a psychiatrist and he told me that anything that cannot absolutely be found to have a medical basis is something manifesting itself from your childhood experiences. I wrote a lengthy letter to my adjuster because it just upset me so much and besides that he didn't really care what my reason for being there was. He just wanted to get me out of there as fast as possible. the exam moved along way too fast and my blood pressure was elevated (they took that last rather than first) but the assistant just said oh, well. He can't do anything about your blood pressure anyway. I swear - where do they get these people???

    It's just like when I worked at Boeing in the 70s and 80s they gave a CPR class but none of the Boeing "doctors" gave it because none of them could pass the CPR test - they were all too old!!

    I give up on doctors.

  7. Mikie

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    It's just another hoop that SS makes us go through. I am also of the belief that the docs who do these exams are not the cream of the crop in the medical community. I'm sure there are exceptions, but one would have to have been dead to not pass the exam I took and the assistand is the one who did all the testing.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Kay2

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    Kara, I WOULD by ALL means report him. Seems to me he wanted to know if you were mental enough, so he could take MORE advantage of you. I have NEVER had my legs measured neither. That sick pervert.You talk to a lawyer NOW. DO NOT WAIT any longer.
  9. Achy-shaky

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    ALlhart...I am so sad and MAD to hear this! Where do they get these doctors? oh, yeah that's right it's federal!!

    My experience was with orthopedic surgeon's office I go to for my work related injury to neck/back and considered normal testing to see if your bones or muscles increase/decrease in size over a period of time - so they do it every 6 mos-1 yr, depending on your condition. They measured half-way between knee and hip not any higher, plus other measurements of length of both arms and legs, done very quickly as he read off measurements to nurse to record them - I was not uncomfortable with it because they explained beforehand the reason.

    However, I don't see the point of a SS doc doing this because he's not going to be treating you so this is highly suspecious to me especially if your own doctor didn't ever do these types of measurements, then maybe I could understand them comparing to your docs report. I once had a doctor jerk my head back to test my ROM and I swear it gave me whiplash! I reported him to workers comp worker when I refused to go back to him and I don't think he's at that clinic any more.

    There is no excuse for this type of treatment. I know we aren't supposed to post urls here but a while back I remember seeing a post on how you can look up to see if a doctor's been reported or sued and report questionable docs so I'm sure you could find it by searching.

    Sometimes I think they like to test us just to see if we are lying about our pain....I HATE THAT!! And to ask about mental conditions...boy I'd love to say "just depression and anxiety from dealing with doctors like you!"

    I know how the emotional trauma (not alone the physical) can bring on a bad flare so do your best to treat yourself to lots of soothing things.

    Bless you and hang in there!
  10. Plantscaper

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    I think that they scrape the bottom of the barrel with the SS docs that are chosen.. Probably SS will not pay very much for their evaluations and they don't care whether you get SSD or that the truth comes out, so it's a matter of money to them. I was interviewed by about the worse psychiatrist I have ever encountered..the only thing he did to evaluate me was the mental status exam. Well, most good psychologists/psychiatrists don't use that anymore..you would have to be either profoundly mentally retarded, in a delusional state, or pyschotic state to flunk that exam)..The MMPI and I.Q. tests are, as well as other tests, are much more accurate forms of assessing one's functionality. Of course, those would require a lot more time/expense. I would definitely let the SS know how you feel about that doc......
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  11. allhart

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    thank you so much for your responses,sorry that it took so long my computer decided to take alittle brake,
    im going to file complaints with the judge ssa office my congressmen and the govners office,and anyone eles who i think will listen,,this man should not even be refferd to as a dr and im sure he treats others like he treated me,
    he had me in postions that medically where not informatinal
    also i forgot to metion when he handed me the paper gown he pulled off the little ties and threw them in the garbage,he said because they never work,i plan on seeing my normal dr mondayhes going to be mad im sure he will tell me who eles i can contact to report this to,he and my other drs have kept exallant records trying to help me avoid any promblems,
    lady dj,i was not allowed to use my own drs for the exams,even though they tell youin there info packets you can ,i realy hope they allow you to see a female dr,my best wishes go out to you