disapointed with montel show

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    he inter viewed 4 people 3 of them talking about loss of vision was their first clue to somehting being wrong,
    the other was loss of use of her leg as first sign. they never got specific about anything.

    one expert said they are about to release a medication that people can take orally. Montel mentioned he had to give himself 3 shots per day to functuon but never explained what the medication was or what it was for. very vage in my opinion.

    they mentioned some on fatigue but it wasn't significate.

    no mention of other diseases that are simular or anything about what people face with MS other that eyesight-lose of leg use- and fatigue.

    oh well maybe he got more to know there is a disease but not what it intells.

    Just my opinion i was expecting more.