Disappointed in speaker from Dallas - there is nothing new to tell us

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kinsie1, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I read in our local paper that a fibromyalgia support group was having a specialist from a well known university hospital in Dallas come speak Tuesday afternoon at our local fitness center. He specializes in anathesiology (can't spell it) and pain management. He was sponsered by Pfizer. He was a very good speaker, and I thought he had alot of good things to say. They only allowed him an hour for his talk, and then to take questions. They had just a few chairs set up, and they had to keep going out to find more chairs. The room filled completely up. They weren't expecting that to happen. There sure are alot of us out there that are suffering. I was really hoping to hear something new and helpful. As educated as he was he didn't have anything to say that we haven't heard already ( from talking with each other, and doing our own research). I wish they had scheduled him for at least 2 hours because so many people didn't get to ask their questions. He said he could answer questions about any drug that we wanted to ask him about, but he was being sponsored by Pfizer, so he talked alot about Lyrica.

    I was so disappointed. I don't know why, but I thought a specialist from Dallas was going to have some magic words for us.

    Before the meeting started I was sitting with four ladies about my age, and we all started discussing our individual health issues. Three of them had tried Lyrica, and none of them had good results. I thought that drug was going to really be life saver for us. But, I guess not. I guess it depends on the individual. One man in the group said he takes it, but he didn't say if it really did him much good or not.

    I'm so tired of hurting all the time. I've tried so many medications. I wish I could find a good combination of medicine that would help me.

    How many of you feel worse in the mid afternoon? I have a real sinking spell about 4:00pm on into the night. I have to do whatever I want to do early in the day because by the afternoon, I'm a "goner". I thought when I retired from work over 2 years ago, I would somehow just get well. As they used to say "NOT"!!!.

    Just felt like talking with those who understand.

    Your friend,


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    I think you are right. We on the board have a lot of knowledge about our DD.

    Sorry about the meeting being disappointing.

    Mornings are better for me. That is if I am up. So if I get up at noon, I guess that is my morning? LOL!!

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