Disappointing Lyrica view from Doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msSusan, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Below is a question answered by
    renowned rheumatologist David Freeman of
    Caritas Carney Hospital and Lahey Clinic.

    Q: I have heard that there is now a
    medication specifically approved
    for fibromyalgia. Can you tell me
    about it?

    A. The medical treatment for fibromyalgia is
    fundamentally unchanged, with the exception
    of the fact that a medication already in use for
    other purposes, Lyrica, has been approved
    by the US Food and Drug Administration for
    this illness. The agency based its decision
    mainly on unpublished trials conducted by
    the manufacturer, and there are hardly any
    peer-reviewed studies published in the
    medical literature that confirm and quantify
    its effects.

    The dose range for which it is recommended
    is fairly high and there will be a number of
    people who will have side effects. Whether
    this is a genuine improvement in current
    therapy remains to be seen, and I suspect it
    will take years before we know for sure.

    All known medical treatment for fibromyalgia
    aims at relieving the symptoms of pain and
    insomnia, and the medications which have
    been best supported by good studies are
    Amitriptyline for sleep and Tramadol for pain.
    Only regular exercise, no less than a daily
    program of sustained (an hour or more)
    aerobic exercise and total body work-out
    truly makes you healthier. Improvement in
    fitness is the key to improvement in fibromyalgia.
    You may need to begin slowly and
    to work up to your ultimate fitness goals.
    Preparing for exercise with a warm shower,
    and the use of heat or ice afterwards may
    help to diminish exercise related muscle

    Some people with fibromyalgia find that they
    are more comfortable exercising in a warm
    pool. Consult with your personal physician
    before beginning an exercise program if you
    have been inactive for some time.
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    My wife also took this drug and it did her no good. She only got better by going to a treatment facility in California that specializes in FM treatment. She is now off all pain meds and lives pretty normal life. Whatever that maybe I guess.
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    I was only able to be on Ly "reek" a for a week. It gave me horrific side effects.

    However, it seems that people who do respond, do very well on Lyrica. Unfortunately, that is not very many people.

    How many people without our DD can exercise over an hour a day? I just wish.


  4. jenn_c

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    Minimal side effects. The pain in my legs is not nearly as bad as it was and when I tried to come down a dose of the Lyrica my spasms came back with a vengence.

    As for excerising in the uppity manner that doc suggested is freakin crazy for FM patients. Jenn
  5. KerryK

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    It's too bad that we keep hearing these denunciations of Lyrica. For many people, it works very well. I had very good pain relief from it though a couple side effects prevented me from continuing. Still, let's not pretend that Amitriptyline does not have a lot of very bad side effects. I am now doing reasonably well with Cymbalta.

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