discolored joints? is it fibro or what?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkstar, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. pinkstar

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    i've been doing soooo much hand work lately. i built a bookcase for my mom and cleaning and cooking and all this hand stuff.... and now every joint in my hand, especially the ones near the tips of my fingers are black and blue... i've never had this before... it only started recently... anyone else have it and know why???
  2. dononagin

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    hmmmm... this is a new one for me..
  3. jengus

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    Hoping someone might know answer to your black & blue fingers. I have a new condition - swelling and blueness at right elbow joint. Swelling feels like there maybe fluid at the joint. Doesn't really hurt until I try to turn over in bed using that elbow!!!
    I have osteoarthritis in my fingers and joints are swollen and get red at times. I bet that's what you have in your fingers and you have caused the joints to hurt and turn black & blue!! Running warm water over the fingers helps a little. Also I take anti-inflamatory medicine I take twice a day is really helpful! I take Voltaren twice a day and my fingers really hurt late in the day if I am late taking the second one!! Rest those fingers till you're better!
    gus jen
  4. pinkstar

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    i am on a natural supplement as my finbrinogen levels were up... i wonder if they are thinning too much?
  5. pinkstar

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    yea lumbrokinase... that is it!
  6. karen_dean

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    Pinkstar..I had a happening with my hands..scared the He** out of me..and off to emerg. I went!!

    This is what happened to me...was mixing up batter for pancakes..and out no where my hands, especially on the palm side, the parts of my finger ,meaning the back joints of three on my right hand, and tips of pinky finger, and them spots on left hand ..look like some one beat the heck of of them and bruised me horribly. Lasted for 6 or 7 hours, and disappeared

    Emerg. Dr. did blood work..everything came back fine..but no answers..so I posted when I came home..and had replies that this to has happened to others here..Plz read up on "Raynauds Syndrome"...hope this helps..it's just a suggestion.