Discoloured postnasal drip

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jojo, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. jojo

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    Hi everyone
    This is my first posting, although I have been reading others for a while.
    I realise there has been a lot on sinusitis, but I was wondering if anyone has tried the grossan nasal irrigator and if any results have transpired.
    I always seem to have yellow postnasal drip and once a week I feel really ill from it. This has been going on for three years now.
    I once tried OLE a couple of weeks ago, but suffered pretty bad side effects, so I stopped taking it. I intend to have another bash again soon, as I understand this is probably a 'die off reaction'.
    I have received the Grossan nasal irrigator today through the post, but unfortunately can't use it at the moment as it has an american plug on it, which will not fit into my British socket.
    Appreciate any info on this topic
    By the way, you guys seem really done to earth and funny. Some of the cfs message bords are quite dull and people keep writing about their animals and writing poems and I start panicing thinking what has my life resulted to?
    Sorry if I have offended anyone.
    Love JoJo
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    I don't know anything about your irrigator (sorry), but I do know you should start the OLE very slowly and work up to a good dose, since it does cause die-off. That is good news, since it means the OLE was killing whatever is causing your problem.
    Until you solve the plug problem, you might try salt water. It sure works for me. Just put a little salt in some water and sniff it right out of the palm of your hand if you don't have a dropper. It will really clear that stuff out and is antiinflammatory too.
    You might also try eating lots of raw garlic and onions to help kill your bugs.
    If you ever miss the poems about people's pets, etc., we have that here too. Just click on Message Boards again after this main Board comes up, and you'll be taken to a complete menu of Message Boards for just about every possible subject!
    That way, we keep this Board for medical discussion only.
  3. Mikie

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    One of the best things many of us have found for sinusitis is to mix up a solution of purified water and natural sea salt. We snort this up our noses to loosen the crud so that it can be blown out. You tilt your head slightly forward as you snort to get the solution into the sinus cavities in the front of the face. Don't use commercially prepared solutions unless they do not contain a preservative. The preservatives in these sprays are harmful to mucus membranes.

    After my sinuses are clear, I snort some colloidal silver up my nose to kill any infections. This works better than anything I have used, including Flonase.

    Love, Mikie
  4. tandy

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    I agree with the salt water flushes~ they have helped me alot!! I do them a couple times a day when I have sinus symptoms. I just started the OLE 1 week ago. I'm hoping that I'll see some improvements overall.I started on 150mgs capsules just 1 a day. Within a day or so I'll increase to 2x a day.....and so forth.Always go by your Herx reaction(worsening of flulike symptoms or headaches)then back the dose down a bit.So far i'm doing pretty darn good!!!Yippy!!! :) I'm also adding the steam or sweat therapy to help my body get rid of any die-off toxins~
    Wishing you alot of luck.........Hope your better soon and hope this helps!
  5. jojo

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    Hi there again
    I haven't had much joy with snorting the salty water in the past although I still am doing this as it prevents the severity of symptoms, but doesn't seem to prevent anything, if that makes sense.
    I was wondering if there are any known risks from snorting colidial silver, as this sounds interesting and definately makes sense, I think I will give it a go.
    With the Grossan nasal irrigator, it apparently restores the natural flow of the cilia hairs, hence less thick mucous, again I haven't tried this yet, but I will let you know of the results.
    I have seen an ENT doctor, who has carried out a series of allergy tests which are all negative, so I'm not sure what to expect from my next visit.
    My regular doctor just looks at me with a vacant stare, not knowing what to suggest.