Discomfort in chest-heart area and CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MonteCar, Apr 17, 2003.

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    I don't know where to really start with this but its real so I'll try the best I can. Ever since I have had the symptoms of CFS I have had this pain/numbness in my heart area of my chest and I can't figure what its all about. I remember one night in the summer of '96 spitting up blood (sorry) when thinking of very stressful things and with my heart racing so fast and erratic and then everything sort of set in afterwards. I'm just wondering if something might of went wrong with my heart causing me all of the symptoms that I feel, and still do now. Does anyone else experience this same type of pain in that area? I could normally feel the relaxation beat of my heart and it was a sign that everything was alright but now its no longer alright and I can't feel a beat and I think that is what keeps me from getting replenishing rest with it still beating very erratic(out of rhythm). I've read that stress on the heart isn't good but I don't really know what went down when it occured, I'm still guessing. I really believe that this is the foundation of all of my problems but I wonder how do I go about getting help for it. Anyways if there are any of you that have heart issues and forms of CFS I'd love to hear from you, maybe I could get some insight on whats happened/happening.


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    As soon as I got cfs I noticed my heart was no longer feeling right. At times there is an erratic heart beat, and there are other times, where I feel like I am not getting enough air and that my heart is not beating, even though I know it must be. It often feels like there is a weight around my chest. I've never went for any cardiograms or any heart tests. But it can get really freaky sometimes. When I started taking magnesium -400mg a day, I found it made the whole situation a lot better. I still had some problems, but it made them less severe and they occured less often. hope this helps,

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    I get many types of chest discomfort. I've had syress echocardiograms, all ok. Now I'm going to get a cardiac CT scan on Wednesday. My Dr. wants to rule out COD. It's the most disturbing symptom because you can't tell if it's cardiac or CFS. I do also have costochondritis.
    You probably should get it checked out. It will set your mind at ease to know.
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    because your heart is nothing to pass off lightly.

    I don't know if heart problems are related to CFS or FMS or not, which I personally don't think they are, but you need to discuss these problems with your primary doctor. If he/she does not want to do a cardiac workup on your, ask to be referred to a cardiologist.

    It would be great if you went through all of the tests and was told that you're OK. But don't take any chances. I started having the same type of feelings around age 40. They did find some problems and I have been on medications since age 40, and now at 52, I have a pacemaker.

    Please get this checked out with a professional ASAP !!!!!!!!!!
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    Could be anxiety or a panic attack. Might be a symptom or the cause of your CFS (some doctors believe fibro is caused by anxiety). I takr buspar for mine and am doing well.