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  1. Soul*

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    Day 1: Had a warm top of skull headache most of the day and was very tired but felt better (better then before too) in the evening.

    Day 2: Again the headache (bit like a warm slightly less then half a football pressing on my skull under my skin, a bit migraine like but warm) and seems to effect bowelmovement too. And restless dreams that I also have when being very fatigued.
    Something is happening at least but will go for half a dose tomorrow or maybe spread it out over the day if a half one goes ok.

    Day 3: Woke up without headache so IS related to the Reichi. Took only half the dose (0,25 gr) this time and ate something immidiately afterwards and sat up for a while instead of laying back down since the days before I started feeling better after being up for a while. Cramp in the stomach once. So later today I will eat FIRST and then take the second half to see if that works better.
    I do feel something going on in the top of my head from above the eyebrows backwards but not as a total headache like the days before. Could be that it is cleaning up waiste in the brain?
    I read something every morning to train/test how clear I am but I don't experience improvement yet in brainfog though I did experience being more clear/allert/awake towards the end of the days.
    About 1 1/2 hours after taking I start getting pain in the upper arm muscles and shoulder and neck area. And top of the hands.
    In the afternoon first ate something and took the other half and didn't experience any side effects.
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    @Soul* - It's sounds like you're doing pretty well. The headaches, pain in arms, shoulders, neck and bowel changes are most likely toxins from killing off pathogens (die-off).

    The die-off symptoms are a good sign of you're immune system getting stronger. The chocolate replacer's are a great way to take reishi!
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  3. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jim, yes it does feel like something good is going on. I am a little more energetic and alert overal. Yes the nice thing about the 'chocolates' is that they are also easy to divide without having to weigh and that will be very helpful in slowly building up the dose. For now I'm gonna stick to 0.5 grams divided in two spread out over the day.

    Day 4: Yesterday I noticed the skin of my feet feeling much softer. This morning the hands joined too but that is probably due to the daily intake of the coconutoil which is the basis of the 'chocolates'.
    I do notice that the muscles of the upper arms seem to get 'sour' faster when simply holding up the arms just for a very short bit. I take it that that is part of the toxins being freed that are cleared away too.
    Today I'm going to start with first drinking a few cups of water so that there will be plenty of fluid in the system, then eating something, then taking the reishi. This time again in combination with the D3 and B12 (that also contains vit C) like day 1.
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    iherb has a supplement called PhytoCort that contains similar ingredients to Equilibrant, it does not tell you the exact quantities of each ingredient. But, the PhytoCort supplement may be a good alternative therapy.


    Shrubby sophora root extract
    Chinese licorice root extract
    Reishi extract
    Noni fruit extract

    I have a friend that has benefited from supplementing with Equilibrant.

    : https://equilibranthealth.com/index.php/equilibrant.html

    Servings Per Container 15
    Amount Per Servinds % Daily Value *
    Vitamin A (as retinyl acetate) 2,000 IU 40%
    Vitamin D (as cholecaciferon) 150 IU 38%
    Calcium (as calcium carbonate) 600 IU 60%
    Selenium (as high selenium yeast) 30mcg 43%

    Propietary Herbal Blend 1,500 mg
    Astragalus Root Extract +
    Shrubby Sophora Root Extract +
    Olive Leaf Extract +
    Licorice Root Extract +
    Shittake Mushroom Extract +

    They both have licorice, and immune modulating mushrooms. But, I feel people with Mitochondria issues may not tolerate the high Calcium in Equilibrant.

    Japanese knotweed and N-Acetylglucosamine may add a good synergistic effect to the ingredients in PhytoCort.

    See link below.

    Nutricology, PhytoCort, 120 Veggie Caps
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    "It's sounds like you're doing pretty well. The headaches, pain in arms, shoulders, neck and bowel changes are most likely toxins from killing off pathogens (die-off). "

    I agree, Jim and suggest adding "acetyl-glutathione" to help mitigated and detoxify these reactions.

    The information in this thread is not intended to be medical advice. The information is meant to inspire and motivate you to make your own decisions surrounding your health care and dietary needs. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Never Give Up The Fight!
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  6. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your suggestions Radiom, well appreciated though I don't understand many of the terms you use. I would have to look up what they mean first but at this point in time I don't want to try everything at once or in a mix, I want to be able to clearly notice what does what and just continue with only the Reishi powder for now and maybe build that up in amount for at least the coming months before introducing something else if at all, and yes it is inspiring that a change can be feld even though not every part felt comfortable, but that is ok. The body is clearly working out things which is good and I don't mind feeling what is going on. Feeling that will allert me not to overdo because of feeling better and that is important not to crash myself so is helpful too.

    Licorice is something that makes my bloodpressure go up real fast and I have to be very careful with that. I will usually feel it quite fast and strongly in my legs feeling swollen and tight. I do take a natural liquorice every now and then. Also I'm intolerant to yeast which I saw mentioned in your post too.

    I want to go with the minimum amount of supplements possible, and in as pure, plantbased singled out form as possible and just keep eating healthy and supportive, as to me that is more easily sustainable and affordable then becoming dependent on all kinds of supplements and suppliers of supplements though ofcourse it is great if it helps transition to a more healthy state. I prefer a pure form per extract though, and without additives and such, since that will allow me to very clearly experience what does and what doesn't help me instead of taking everything just in case.

    This thread is mainly about simply finding out what to eat that might help me experience the same as I experienced during the flu based on other peoples personal experiences and sharing my experience with eating that and what it does for me. Simple things I can do myself with simple ways readily available.

    I prefer to stick to what other people with similar experiences found that helps them and might help me since we share the same experience. Simple available home remedies that do not require expensive supplements or chemical compounds but are based on good food and the things that nature offers us ready made.

    Edit: If some of my replies make no sense it is because the posts I was replying to have been edited or removed afterwards ;)
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  7. RadioFM

    RadioFM Active Member


    I like what you are doing and I am all about keeping things as simple as possible. But, at the same time, we may want to add other beneficial comprehensive therapies to better modulate these cytokines and protect the Mitochondrial integrity.

    Protecting our Mitochondria from oxidative inflammation needs to be our first priority as these toxins created by killing these infections can be very damaging to the body.

    I also like ginger and apple cyder vinegar as inexpensive when to control these reactions by raising the bodies PH. Please review links below.


    ((( The Do No Harm Protocol )))
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  8. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Thanks Radio, I think I understand what you are trying to say though cytokins, oxidative inflammation and mitochondrial integrity aren't terms that are simple or clear to me so had to first read up about them. And usually explanations aren't written in very understandable language either so it's quite an energy drain to try and find out what is meant in more daily simple wording.

    What I understand from it in my own wording is that when the body starts cleaning up, the 'waste' that gets released can be harmful to the body and taking things like gingerroot and apple cider vinegar can help clear that more easily...

    I already use ginger root a lot in my food and as a tea so can look into combining that a bit more and sometimes too use apple cider vinegar in a salad so will make sure to do that more often too. That way I can use what I already use in a maybe more effective way. Will drink some ginger tea after taking the first half today though simply eating and drinking before taking it has also reduced the reaction quite a bit.

    I do feel that especially in lifting the arms stretched out, even the next day after sleeping the muscles sour real fast still so will see if this becomes less with more ginger root and apple cider vinegar intake. I don't feel for those processed ready made drinks and such but can easily just use the pure forms with no problem as I already have them in the house anyways so thanks for your further details.
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  9. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    I think it's day 7 now: Today I took the full dose (0,5) in the morning on a cracker with carobespread and that went well, I keep drinking gingertea afterwards too.
    Maybe tomorrow I'll up the dose a bit by taking again in the afternoon. I ran out of 'chocolates' so will see if I am up to making some more, so I can take halfs to build up, else will just take the powder as is in combination with food.

    I do am very tired the last few days but not as much ME tired, it feels more like a 'normal' persons tired. The arms are still quite heavy but slightly better too. And I have more active moments without fully crashing again afterwards. I do make sure to take plenty of rest in between since it does feel like the body is working hard on things.

    So far so good.
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  10. RadioFM

    RadioFM Active Member


    Please review my new thread below and Never Give Up the Fight!
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  11. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    I don't have fibro Radio, I have ME.
    Reading those medical terms texts is undoable for me as is, it completely drains my energy to try and figure out what is meant.
  12. RadioFM

    RadioFM Active Member

    The new thread cover both CFS/FM as viruses are implicated in both illness.

    I also want you to know that brain fog was apart of my life for 10 years before I gave up gluten and dairy. I know what it's like to have these cognitive issues.

    I am always mindful of these limitation and include videos in most of my threads.
  13. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Radio I appreciate all you are doing on here but it's not the brainfog that makes the texts undoable to read. Even without the brain fog I will need to look up 3 to 4 words every line to try and figure out what it is about and how it relates to something I said on here. Trying to figure out the amount of texts you are posting would take me hours and hours. The terms you use may be crystal clear to you but they are greek to me.

    It doesn't describe in simple daily language what it is about but instead uses medical terms and difficult English words that I am not familiar with. It might be helpful to others that are more knowledable then me and are reading along here though, there are plenty of eyes watching along so I'm sure it will be helpful to many.

    What would be helpful to me is if there is some food that could help me because of what I mentioned is to just mention that part of what I wrote and simply mention the food that could help me with that. All these long medical detailed texts are way over my head.

    I haven't use dairy for decades either since I'm intolerant to it, hasn't brought any change brainfog wise but did do a lot of good pain wise. Gluten free hasn't brought any noticeable results for me. We all are unique and everyone has different triggers.
  14. RadioFM

    RadioFM Active Member

    If you ever need help (Please ask) as I am always willing to break down these topics.

    I will try and simplify the new thread for you. (This is not medical advice)

    The protease connection? (Natural Protease Inhibitor therapy?)

    Please watch this video below:

    How HCV protease inhibitors work

    Note: I will only post the fundamentals of the thread below (simplified)

    List of Natural Protease Inhibitors?

    Bowman-Birk Inhibitors

    "The National Cancer Institute defines the Bowman-Birk inhibitor, or BBIC, as an agent obtained from soybean extracts. The institute also states that this material effectively inhibits trypsin and chymotrypsin, two enzymes belonging to the serine family of proteases. "

    Green Tea Compounds

    "Green tea contains a type of polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. According to a review published in the Oct. 16, 2008 issue of "Inflammopharmacology," the existing medical literature widely supports evidence of EGCG as a natural protease inhibitor in cancer and potential anti-cancer therapy."

    See more here:http://www.livestrong.com/article/154776-list-of-natural-protease-inhibitors/

    How does this natural AIDS/CFIDS therapy work?

    "The symptoms of AIDS, CFS, and CFIDS – immune dysfunction, opportunistic infection, low white blood cell counts, and tissue destruction – are caused by ordinary diseases and accelerated by drugs, industrial toxins, and pharmaceutical immune system suppressants."

    "All diseases spread and replicate by using an enzyme called protease, which destroys collagen."

    "In 1991, Dr. Matthias Rath found that the amino acid lysine, when combined with vitamin C, inhibit collagen destruction."

    "In spring, 2002, he and his research team announced that they had discovered that adding the amino acid Proline and an extract of green tea called EGCG had stopped protease destruction of collagen - connective tissue - even by cancer cells."

    See more here: http://www.cqs.com/aidstherapy.htm

    Ultra-Soy-Extract (GMO FREE Supplements)

    Please review this post I found in a Ulcerative Colitis Forum below:


    "Excess protease can come from digestive enzymes that are not deactivated, bacteria, and immune cells."

    "The proteases are dissolving the mucus and I guess any part of the colon they can contact,UC people also have excess -proteases in stools."


    "By inhibiting protease/keeping the mucus intact you can go into remission, regardless if UC is autoimmune,or biofilms or bacteria are driving the inflammation."

    "We have an, alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor system which can become overwhelmed and allow protease to attack the mucus and tissue."

    "To perhaps peak you interest, I seem to be doing better on NAC,even though it is supposed to thin mucus,
    this is a way to perhaps accomplish the same thing without taking protease inhibitors."

    See more here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2833080

    See more here: http://www.healingwell.com/community/default.aspx?f=38&m=2966352

    Biochemists identify protease substrates important for bacterial growth and development ( Please Review)
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  15. RadioFM

    RadioFM Active Member

    If we can stop the growth of these polymicrobial infections and also limit viral replication all in one therapy.

    We have gold!

    (Natural Protease Inhibitor therapy?)

    Green Tea EGCG?
    Vitamin C?

    ?????/??/?? to be continued...

    The information in this thread is not intended to be medical advice. The information is meant to inspire and motivate you to make your own decisions surrounding your health care and dietary needs. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Never Give Up The Fight!
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  16. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Day 8: Doing pretty well. Didn't have any problems with the full dose so made some more chocolates today with the Reishi powder so I can try to take 1 in the morning and a half in the afternoon from tomorrow on to see how that goes. I do sleep a lot but feel quite restored for a bit when waking up which is nice and allows for more and longer active moments. Today my feet where very cold but it was colder outside too. Haven't had that in a while though. All and all I'm happy with the progress!

    Will look into what is advisable for building up and building down and having periods of no supplement in between later on.
  17. ljimbo42

    ljimbo42 Active Member

    @Soul* - You are doing an amazing job at slowly building up your dose on the reishi, not going up too fast and crashing from an overload of toxins. That's something you would think I would have learned by now.

    I still usually over do it with new supplements, then cut back on the dose when I start to feel miserable.
    I am still a work in progress though, so I try to give myself a break.;) I read somewhere that it can take 2 months or longer for reishi to fully work.

    It is considered an adaptogen, which just means it makes your body stronger and better able to deal with the stresses of daily life. Keep up the good work! Jim
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  18. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    hi soul.

    how is your journey going with the reishi? i hope you are not having too many side effects. not good putting up with the illness, plus the side effects too. is reishi better than the mitaki. (misspl)? i took mitaki capsules several yrs ago. had a hard time finding it, but eventually found them. but they did bad things to the tummy. so had to discontinue them.

    i cant get over radio fm. not answering your simple question. how awful. i do understand completely your answer to him . it is not fog at all. it is sensory overload. and i have that too. not good. i dont understand why he didnt get it. supposed to be so knowledgable. oh well. im sure he meant well.

    good luck to you, and keep posting.

    blessings, joanierav
  19. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Well that is thanks to your suggestions Jim! And thanks to Radio for suggesting the ginger and apple cider vinegar. Still have to try the vinegar but the ginger tea seems to help in limiting the heavy head, it's hardly noticeable now.

    Thanks for explaining what adaptogen means. The two month thing is a good thing to know too. I'm probably going to build up gradually to the Traditional practitioners recommend 2 to 5 g daily for chronic illness but taking it slow. Can't break down in a day what has been build up in decades.

    It's going well Joanie. Side effects are quite well under controle now it seems. In general I'm having more active moments so I already feel the improvements which is very very nice and welcome. I don't mind experiencing some effects from the cleaning up that the body is doing. It's not a bad thing if 'the water gets dirty when the laundry gets clean' ;)
    I have never taken Mitaki so I can't compare, maybe someone else on here has used them both and can tell you. I use lose powder which I can dose myself, could well be you just used a to high dose to start with and your body needs to get used to it first? Cleaning up can have all kinds of effects that do not feel good but still might be...
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  20. RadioFM

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    Reishi Mushroom Benefits?

    "Reishi mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, to treat a variety of different health conditions. They are thought to work because of the number of chemicals found naturally occurring in the plant that aid the body in numerous ways."

    Viral Infections

    "Viral infections such as the flu, bird flu, and swine flu could possibly be treated effectively with this plant, as this contains chemicals to naturally ward away these viruses."

    Bronchitis and Asthma

    "The presence of chemcials known as triterpenes lower allergen levels in the body, making them a potentially efective treatment for lung conditions."

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    "Some chemicals found in reishi mushrooms are said to combat fatigue, thereby helping patients who suffer from this condition."


    "Though human studies have not been conducted to determine how beneficial this could be, or if it would work, research indicates anti-HIV chemicals (protease inhibitors) are present in reishi mushrooms.

    In addition to providing potential treatment options for these conditions, studies show reishi mushrooms may also be beneficial for: insomnia, stomach ulcers, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart, liver, and kidney disease, and herpes pain relief."

    "(Protease inhibitors) are present in reishi mushrooms."

    Why does this matter?

    I feel natural protease inhibitors may be needed to help control and stop these life cycles of chronic infections persistence.

    Please review video below:

    How HCV protease inhibitors work?

    If we can stop and limit viral replication. We have gold!

    See more below:

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