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    well I got a call Saturday, from my rep for disability. I have several things that I'm going for disability. One of them is emphysema (sp?), copd. My rep asked if I smoked and I said yes. Asked how much and I told them 1 pack a day. He then mentioned that I will have a hard time convincing a judge that I'm having breathing problems while doing small things around the house, but yet I smoke. My other problems are FM, DDD, spinal stenosis, etc. I feel like just dropping my case, I'm sooo discouraged. Sorry just had to vent. wishing everyone a good day.

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    No, no, no!! Don't drop your case!!

    What you do is tell the lawyer and judge that you are feeling so poorly that you can barely do small things around the house because of your problems breathing and the pain and other problems you have with your fibro, coupled with the pain from your back problems, etc.

    What it is probably is that everyone these days are against anyone who smokes. Your lawyer is probably thinking that the judge will say ..... if you have all these problems breathing, why are you still smoking? Maybe you should tell the lawyer and judge that you really want to quit smoking but you are just so addicted to the cigarettes that you're having a hard time quitting, but you are trying to cut down slowly until you quit ???????

    My sister has the same lung problems that you do, along with a ton of other problems, and she went thru the same things about her smoking. She eventually got her SSDI.

    In the meantime, if you have any other problems, make a list of them so you can mention them before the judge, like concentration problems, chronic fatigue, can't sleep due to the pain therefore the next day you can't function, headaches, chronic coughing, etc ..... just every problem in the world that you can think of.

    Just don't give up. When you think of it, you probably can't do a fraction of the things that you could do if you were 100% healthy. So buy saying that you can barely do small things isn't a fabrication.

    Good luck, Lynn.

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    My sister needed to stop smoking and she got her doc to prescribe the Champix. It definitely worked for her. I think it made her nauseated for the first couple days, but then she got over that. She is on Medicare and it even paid for it.
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    for the suggestions and replies. I have tried Chantix (sp?), gum, and years ago the patch. Didn't help. I guess somewhere in my records they should see that I tried chantix. I'm just so addictedc to these darn things. But I'm gonna try again. Also just found out that my date with the "judge" is April 21st.

    Take Care