Discrimination Against the Disabled and Poor

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TeaBisqit, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. TeaBisqit

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    Are we the new fat? I've seen so much absolute hatred on messageboards this year for the disabled and poor. I've been surprised by it. It's not just those of us who have our illness, I've seen this widespread hatred going on. Any program that helps us, people will posts all these awful comments about they "work for their money" and "they didn't know we could have computers and phones if we were poor". And then they go on to make these comments about how "their tax dollars pay for our stuff". You don't see them making the same comments about how their tax dollars pay for alot of other things, too.

    What happens if they get sick, will it then be okay that "their tax dollars" go to pay for some of the disabled and poor programs?

    Their resentment and hatred just freaks me out. Is it ignorance? Are they just too stupid to realize that they, too, may one day be too sick to work or take care of themselves? What would they like us to do? Are we really not supposed to have phones, computers, or tv's just because we are too sick to work and are now low income? Are we supposed to live in one room with nothing just because we're disabled?

    It just feels like we're the new target lately. I don't know if it's because of the bad economy or what, but people have decided they hate disabled and poor people. Or maybe I'm just noticing it more? I don't know. It's a horrible world we live in. People have no sympathy or compassion. And they seem to think it will never happen to them.
  2. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    there are people who are simply opposed to welfare, like fredt explained, but there are also certainly a lot of people who do actively hate the poor and disabled, as tea pointed out

    .....and fredt, there is no way that you can say that the people whom tea is referring to, who are going out of their way to be mean and nasty towards the poor and disabled, are simply "indifferent"....the people who are truly indifferent are just that, indifferent, ie: they don't care, are at best neutral and at worst apathetic, so they are certainly not going out of their way to slam people who are poor and disabled

    there is a big difference between disliking the fact that some people do take advantage of welfare, and being outright hateful towards those who are in situations where they have no choice, and unfortunately, I would agree with Tea that there seem to be an awful lot of people falling into the latter category
  3. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I live in low-income housing and I can tell you there is a lot of anger and hostility out there over the cost of keeping us poor, disabled people going. There is much resentment over the cost of the programs that help us.

    I think we are living in a time where there is hostility all around us. People are financially strapped and frustrated because there's no end in sight. People are angry. Drivers on the road are impatient and rude. The crime rate is high. I attribute it to the economy and also the healthcare issue the govt. is working on. Everyone is stressed out.

    I believe those who harbor bitterness toward us will someday find themselves in dire circumstances also. Then they will change their tune.

    Having a phone and a computer is not a luxury these days. We need a phone. I bought my computer used for $150 and buy the cheapest internet service available. It's no big deal. It's certainly not frivilous. Some people have a computer given to them by a friend or family member. I don't feel guilty having one and realize almost every has one.

    Tea, don't let anyone make you feel bad because you have a phone and computer. They are basics. But, I agree alot of people look down on us. Just wait, their turn will come.

    Take care.
  4. jole

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    I agree with the others who feel the anger is not directed toward the poor/disabled, but rather toward the situation everyone is in at the present. No one I know has ever been happy about welfare once people figured out how to beat the system and abuse set in. It's great for those who really need it, but I'll bet nearly half of the people on it have learned "tricks" to suck it dry.

    Our small rural communities are full of welfare people....yes, living is cheaper which is fantastic for those who need it....but so many of these people are druggies, alcoholics, etc. and their kids run the streets. They could work...but why???? It really gives the ones who need it a bad rap. And the people who are working do get tired of paying for their booze and drugs. Call a cop? Well, the cops don't want to be bothered with the paperwork when they know they can't hold them for anything anymore. So people get upset.

    Honestly, I don't feel it's anything personal. Just the economy thing, mostly. Even food banks around here don't have food anymore. Rising taxes, insecurity of the future, it all takes its toll, not only with stress but emotions. Fear of the unknown is not a fun thing for anyone.

  5. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    I can't help but be angry at the CDC for their complete abandonment of the united state's M.E.-stricken people.

    "Oh, look, some mutant virus that clearly resembles polio is going around disabling people... Let's give 12 million dollars away to other disease programs and just call the outbreaks a fluke. We'll try to hide the fact that we know the rate of illness is increasing largely in part because we failed to do anything about it all those years ago...

    Then when those people are truly disabled and housebound, bedbound, because of real, physical limitations, we'll deny them any help. Maybe give the disability payments to someone who can afford a better lawyer."

    And I agree that a big part of the discrimination is because of the ones who take and take and take, when they don't really need it.
    I know people who want to try and get on disability even though they CAN work and get through daily life just fine, and who could very well succeed in receiving disability just because their illness is more understood. It makes me furious, like they're mocking my way of life, like living on disability is "one option" instead of a "last resort."

    And I know people who are handicapped in ONE way, and they could very well utilize their several other NOT impaired skills... But they choose to live off of a check. They (government) asked me about ALL the ways I coudl possibly work, and they're ALL compromised. So the former situation really isn't fair, when everything from our mobility, physical strength, mental capability, communication ability, even abilitiy to sit up, is severely dysfunctional.

    It really makes you feel crappy when others automatically throw you into the category of "not really needing it" because so many other people abuse the system. No, we are not supposed to be condemned to sit in our house with no phone or computer, no communication with others at all, because the government has given away all the money that could be used to help our disease and used it instead of make sure people are as confused as (heck) about us even being sick at all. No, we DO deserve to be able to communicate with people and have access to ways to help ourselves and find alternative treatments and support, because we sure as anything can't get it anywhere else.
  6. JLH

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    I think hate is such a strong word and should be avoided.

    My personal opinion is the people who make such statements just get aggravated at those who are disabled and/or poor. Mainly because when they stop at the grocery store after having gotten up at 4:30 am and worked 8 to 10 hours and then get in line behind someone who has a huge order which lots of goodies, etc., that they can't afford to buy, they feel such resentment towards these people. They feel like the government is just giving this money to people who are able to work. I know people who have explained this to me.

    And, I really don't think people have anything against the disabled and/or poor who collect benefits and Medicaid if they are really truly deserving. The trouble is is there are too many people who play (cheat) the system. The cheaters give the rest of us a bad name. Just as in everything else.

    You are correct, though, this world have become a horrible place to live in. It is really hard to find people with good hearts who have sympathy and compassion for their fellow man.
  7. jasminetee

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    It looks and feels like hatred to me. I chalk it up to the fact that there are a lot of ignorant people out there who don't ever try to put themselves in someone else's shoes and/or try to inform themselves about anything outside of their little world.

    To me, these people are EVIL. I stay as far away from them as I can get. I pray for them and I forgive them but I protect myself from them. I know these people in person, not just on the web. May they one day see the Light.
  8. daboysone

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    I will have to reply later to this as I am too flabergasted at many of the statements noted in Fredt's note.

    I need to ponder and reflect so I don't come off as being argumentative or angry.

    And yes I am one of those poor people...however I do have high morals and ethics. Am I ashamed of myself for accepting help from the state and/or federal government? NO!

    Alot of the rich or better off people do give to charities freely however alot give to the ones in other countries instead of giving to their home country. I have tried to live my life with my head held high and I try to treat everyone the same...with respect and dignity. Do I mind paying taxes that help my fellow americans? NO! I have worked almost 30 years full time, actually longer than that...more like 36 years and paid my dues. It breaks my heart to see a homeless person sitting out in the weather, alone, thirsty, hungry, tired and with head held down in shame. Shame on us for not wanting to take care of our own.

    Anyhow...just a few of my thoughts...not meant to hurt or anger anyone or cause an arguement...just my own thoughts. M
  9. daboysone

    daboysone New Member

    FibroFay...Amen! Thankyou for standing up for us! Hugs-M
  10. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    I've also worked my whole life and have paid into these programs. I know for a fact that people have to prove their need for services. It's not like the old days when it was very easy to get. People are ignorant if they don't think things can happen to them. I was very lucky in the fact that I can still work, as my employers hire disabled workers. Others aren't as fortunate.

    I was 37 years old and struck down in the prime of my life. It only takes a couple months for people to become homeless. Illness can strike at anytime. Who is anyone to judge someone else's need.
  11. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    tea have you read this book it is written in the time of the american stockmarket crash of 1929 '

    and also nineteen eighty four by the same author


    i find these books very much on my mind right now with the government propaganda and the capitalism crash.

    also many people who are drinking and taking drugs are self medicating because of mental health issues that they are not getting treatment or assistance with.

    we used to say in england about so called civil servants who are the bods who work for government agencies. it was - they work for you - or tot their faces i pay your wages with my taxes so you work for me.

    governments seem to have forgotten this fact and so it would seem have we

    i would love to hear george orwells take on todays society.

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