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    I train alot of new employees that start witht the company. We have a new employee that will be starting in 2 wks and my boss asked if I would like to train her. I said of course I would love to.

    Then my boss pulled out the calendar and pointed to the time frame that he needs me to train her. He asked "Cindy, with your disability, will you be able to train her for 4 wks and not take any time off from work because of you being on FMLA"? "Because if you do, then I will get someone else to train her"

    I didnt know what to say. I was thinking to myself, omg my Dr. wants me to take part in a 6 wk aqua physical therapy to see if it will help with the my spasms and charlie horses I get. And for me to do this it would require me to leave work 1 hour early 2 times a week.

    Then I started to feel upset, wondering if I had a disability that made me look ill, example being in a wheelchair or using a walker, would my boss ask me a question like that?

    I ended up telling him I dont see any problems during those 4 wks that would take time away from me training.

    I have never used my disability as an excuse to get out of work. I always make sure my Dr appt's are at the end of the day so I will only miss 1 hour of work. And then I make up the time that I was out.

    Am I wrong for thinking that he was out of line in saying those things to me? It really has upset me and I cant stop thinking about it. I dont discuss my DD with co-workers, unless they ask me a question, and then I keep I watch what I say so they dont think I cant handle my job. They have no idea that when I leave work, and get home I go str8 to bed. When I am having a flare I dont complain. At lunch I drive to the other end of the parking lot and recline my car seat so I can rest.

    I dont know, I am just very frustrated with this DD, and just needed to vent.


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