dishonest with Doc- again

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    My husband was diagnosed 3 wks ago with type 2 diabetes. He must go to the dr each week. On those days, he eats ONE BITE of a boiled egg & skim milk- joggs from our car, to the dr office. He always tells the dr that he has eaten a full meal! At night when he eats grilled chicken, brocoli, 1 piece of whole wheat bread, and skim milk- his sugar is around 300. I cannot tell the dr the truth. My husband will be mad at me for months. What will happen if he continues to do this? Has anyone else done this? What happen to you? My husband is 54 yrs old. 18 lbs overwieght. Help Please. Lbd
    Thank you very much for the 2 that answered. My husband thinks that if he loses the 18 pounds- he won't have diabetes anymore. Is this true? Everyone in his family has it.[This Message was Edited on 05/07/2003]
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    I am a nurse and am married to a diabetic of 20+ years, and no you cannot cease to have diabetes. My husband is a type two who is controlled with meds and insulin as well. He had the same things going on would lie to his doc about what he had been up to. But the A1c test will tell the tale.
    I wish he could talk to my husband who tried to fool himself for years. He has had 23 laser surgeries for his eyes and has no peripheral vision, is color blind, has nueropathy and cannot feel anything from his knees down, and just had surgery on his foot for Charcot's Foot. Which was basically a salvage surgery, if it were to fail he would end up with a below the knee amputation. All of this was caused because he lied to himself and his doc and refused to take an active part in his own disease process. Your husband needs to stay active in his diabetes, join a diabetes education group and deal with things instead of fibbing to the doc. By taking an active part in his diabetes he may still end up with the problems, but he sure can slow them down considerable by taking care of it and being totally honest with himself and doc.